HOW BECKY LOST 40 POUNDS!!!! - 9/3/19 -

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Go cry to someone else lol
I watched it twice and I see a slight difference but I doubt it’s 40 lbs worth. The Hambeast desperately needed likes after this latest fiasco and what does she do? She uses Becky. It’s so predictable.

After this video will our gorl try to sabotage Becky or is Neckster finally growing a backbone? 🤔


bag o' bones
Cracked phone AL? Thought you had them monies. Also those fucking cuticles.
Something tells me dropping her phone is a regular occurrence
Whether she's putting it within the funk of that fuckin bra just to get shot out by her 2nd set of tits, or it just slips from her dainty neuropathy mitts and springs off of her fat across the floor like a springboard, its no bueno.
She's too stupid and short sighted to buy insurance

I do really hope that Becky loses all that extra fucking weight just so that Amber can cry and cry and cry about how she's just gotten even fatter.

Then she'll blame Becky of witchcraft and they break up and Becky lives a happier life in an unabusive relationship.

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
Density sure has bad luck with pets...always dying and running away and stuff /s....fucking asshole, that sped's picture should be hung up in every pet store and humane society in a 300 mile radius of where ever she is....
I'm afraid to ask, but... what happened to Density and Shrek's pets?


Fleas on a burger.
The brain weighs 3 elbees, so that's 3 elbees gone right there for Necky. If Hamber can't lift her foot onto the scale, that could be the other 37 elbees.
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Calories in vs calories out.

Although there's merit to the low carb diet, if you're eating less than you metabolize you're fine and will lose weight.
Calories don't matter if it's not sustainable. Which it isn't, because some cheese and oil on a pile of lettuce isn't going to satisfy her, not even once.

edit: Just to clarify. The way Amberlynn ate salad here is basically how you're supposed to eat side salad. Lettuce with some fat on it, like an afterthought.

A meal salad needs VEG beyond the lettuce. It should have a serving HULTHY fat like chopped nuts/seeds or olives; a serving of lean protein like shrimp, chicken, ham or egg (an alternative source of protein could be beans); and perhaps a half-serving of fruit like pomegranate seeds, raisins, dried cranberries etc. Then you could have a serving low-fat dressing OR fat-free dressing + some reduced fat cheese. These are just some examples of things that need to be in salads for them to be considered a meal.

If you're going to eat a 500-calorie meal salad it needs to have nutrition in it otherwise it is just a fat and salt bomb that is not satisfying or you know, nutritious. How can you expect someone to stick to a calorie limit if their food isn't satisfying OR nutritious?
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What kind of diet are you on where each meal is 255 calories? 500 calories per meal seems about right.
I mean, for a short woman losing on 1200 calories, 500 for breakfast/lunch/dinner is too much; if you like to snack you're more like to hit around 3-350 for meals to allow for snacks. It wouldn't be absurd to have a 500 calorie dinner and 255 calorie lunch and breakfast, so whilst Amber can afford to have 3 x 1000 calorie meals, most people her height aren't eating 500 calories a meal either. 255 isn't as stupid as it looks when you're not a walking behemoth 🤷‍♀️

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