How Blue Apron Became a Massive $2 Billion Disaster -


Chaotic Neutral
That was a stupid idea. I'm not American and in my country, the cheapest way to buy ingredients is the farmer's market, you can buy vegetables and fish in incredibly low prices. Also, we have a lot of grocery stores, I have like 5 near me, the one is opposite my house.

I remember that, in the 1990's we had a service called "Gilli Diet", a delivery service with cooked meals for people who wanted to lose weight. Gilli was the name of the owner, a Jew, who maked it big, but now nobody's buying his crap.
Grocery stores didnt get their shit together until 2017
I work in a Grocery Store, and I will tell you the shit still isn't together. "Curb-side" and "Delivery" is the single worst idea a Grocery Store can do, it lowers sales because you don't get impulse shopping (which is a large amount of the money a store makes) so unless they charge for those services (and my store doesn't) to make up for it the entire concept is pure loss.