How can streaming services adapt to the modern era? -


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We all know how annoying Netflix, Hulu, and other legal streaming services can be. When they're not putting out highly-left leaning nonsense, they limit the amount of dubs and subtitles each region can receive (i.e., no Japanese subtitles in the U.S. for certain anime shows on Netflix) and limit the resolution you can stream at on certain devices.

These issues can be fixed with ease. It's just that the companies don't want to do it.

But what about the bigger issues facing streaming services? Specifically, piracy.

The Association des Audionautes suggests that unlimited P2P file sharing should be allowed, but a small flat fee paid to the ISPs (where the accumulated money would be redistributed to film companies) should be put into place for anyone who wants to use the unlimited P2P service.

How would the AdA's plan work in reality? And are there any other ways to deliver films and shows at minimum price to the consumer?


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As I see it now it's matter of time and those that can't or won't adapt will disappear. How many fly-by-night concerns have already went under? Even a juggernaut like Netflix can and likely will be displaced as something better comes to market. Can't personally comment on AdA's suggestion you've outlined aside from that as conservative a business as film industry is it would never reach a unanimous acceptance.

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Not that kind of streaming but I play it fast and loose so you win some, you lose some.

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I think that things will continue as we are seeing it now where each media company has their own streaming service. I think they are going to work with ISPs (since most of the big ones in the US at least are connected or have the same parent company as a media company) to throttle and block torrent sites to prevent piracy as well as use the legal system to go after torrent sites like the music industry did to napster.

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