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I know a chunk of Righties shun entertainment as the Great Satan, and there's a reason for that. But politics is downstream from culture, and that's why the Left is winning. They have had a stranglehold on entertainment and academia since the 60's, whereas the Right has focused on maintaining public office.

How many Righties can you think of that have written an influential book or directed a hit movie in the last 50 years? Only ones I can come up with are maybe Robert Heinlein, Mel Gibson, JRR Tolkien, or Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Anyone in entertainment who isn't a complete tankie tends to get cancelled sooner or later.

One could also argue that conservative thinking tends to hinder one's creativity. Someone prove me wrong on this?


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Well the left is aware of how they themselves took power so I doubt the righties could retake whats already held by the lefties, that door is locked, barred, and welded. If right wingers are going to be able to have culture that's legitimately theirs again I think they would need to build separate parallel institutions of their own. It would be alot of work and they would be constantly attacked for it, but it's the only realistic way of accomplishing that I think.

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Giving anyone who materially supports antifa a helicopter ride. Sure, the chest-pounding jingoism of Pinochet, Putin, or Franco may be cringe (though you have to wonder: who told us that fervent patriotism was cringe, and why did they tell us that? It's not like that's always been the standard) but at least it's a positive identity. The American right shot itself in the head when it tried to adopt the personality of not having a personality. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if you don't provide something to believe in, someone else will.


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The cultural marxism is too entrenched in American institutions at this point, a fatal mistake if you ask me.
The marxists used the first amendment as a shield to spread their discord and seized key positions in society.
I'm afraid the time to reverse the damage done has long since passed.
Though his methods are demonized, Joe McCarthy was right.
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The left can't meme, this has been beneficial to the "right". Whatever that means these days.
Pretty much this. The Left took power because they had several things on their side. Some good arguments, a sense of humour, that touch of rebellion, and the drive to accomplish their goals. The conservatives, meanwhile, where more concerned with maintaining the status-quo. They only had territory to lose and have been on the back foot ever since. Some of that territory deserved to be lost, but they've been backpedalling so long now they hardly know anything else. Any one willing to stand and fight died several hills ago.
What's happening now is that the Left has lost those key position they once held. They no longer have good arguments, or any arguments at all, in fact. They no longer have a sense of humour about things (especially their sacred cows), and they have become the very institutions they once fought against. They keep insisting they're the poor, downtrodden underdogs, because they need that narrative to continue because they loath the idea that they're no longer the "good guys".

People say that the "right" is the new counter culture, and they're right to a certain extent. We're still in the very early days. Memes are the little jokes you share among friends, but the ideas are still there and if you keep pushing them they'll get into the minds of creatives. The right needs to expand aggressively into culture. There'll be a lot of resistance, of course. But it took the left decades to get to where they are. It'll take the right just as long. It stars here, though. Jokes, memes, underground communities, all laying the roots for bigger things down the line. Just don't give up. Demoralisation is the left's biggest weapon and they know it. Never give up. Never stop fighting. Defy them until your last dying breath.


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Meat Target post: 6793154 said:
politics is downstream from culture
I'm not so sure I'm on board with this sentiment that's expressed in almost every dialogue about politics and culture. If you ask me, both influence each other greatly, so it's difficult to say if one is downstream from the other.

Comedy is an important weapon for winning hearts and minds. It's to the right's fortune that the left can't meme, but outmeming the left doesn't translate to actualizing longterm political goals. Ultimately, it doesn't matter that the left can't meme if they can deplatform you tomorrow. I would say it's far more important to seize political power first and then culture will follow, but to entertain the idea of how the right can win the culture wars, here's my .02

@Classist. is on the right track that the unrestricted development of alternative media would greatly assist in disseminating entertainment, but it would have to be something novel and both appealing to a deep-seated instinct and affirming a timeless idea that invigorates those who listen. Despite what capitalists may tell you, culture isn't something you can conjure in a boardroom with spreadsheets concerning target audiences. Simply mirroring the mainstream media would result in media that amounts to little more than cheap imitations of products so many more people have invested their fandom towards.

Kudos to @Terrorist for pointing out Thomas777 to me because that guy has an arsenal of nuclear takes, especially with regards to the problems with White Nationalism. Keep in mind I'm an unironic fan of RAC, NSBM and Hatecore, but I know full well these do not have mass appeal and cater to a very microscopic demographic. Still, these comments are quite illuminating:

Thomas777 said:
All I really know of [April Gaede, mother of Lamb and Lynx of Prussian Blue] is what I have seen in various documentaries that have featured her and her family...and what I have seen in these pieces is a woman who has some sort of cultic fixation on "pop-Nazism" and seems to think that superficial canards about 'blood and soil', swastika cattle brands, and Dungeons and Dragons-style viking themed Hatecore somehow equates to genuine 'culture'.

I suggest you check out the Spiegel interview with Sohlzenitsyn that Bardamu posted yesterday. Sohlzenitsyn makes the point that a 'national idea' is not something that can be ideologically cultivated by political parties and/or the public bureaucracy...nor can it be cultivated by self-styled ideologues who harbor palpable (yet amorphous and vague) resentment against the multicultural/managerial state. I think that a lot of these self-styled 'Nationalists' would be well served to meditate on Sohlzenitsyn's insights...but I'm not going to hold my breath.

At the end of the day, there is basic congruence between Traditionalists, Nationalists, and PaleoCons of different faiths, different linguistic-cultural traditions, and different historical traditions...but congruence should not be conflated with perfect fungibility. The reason why it is paramount (from a theoretical perspective) to treat the 'West' as a Gestalt of proximate culture-forms is because the proverbial center cannot hold in a house not only divided, but under active siege by history's demolition squad...the reason is not because we are all one big happy family of 'White' that are bound by our dislike of Black crime in American cities and some sort of childish affinity for Third Reich meets Heavy Metal fantasy sorts of images.

Finally, and I don't want to preach here, but the fixation of people like Ms. Gaede about race qua race is really sort of vulgar. I think that Russel Kirk hit the mark when he observed that Tradition is something that is above ideology...its epistemologically unique and it can only be appreciated as a linear-historical phenomenon. Humans 'need' Tradition to be fully human, in other words. The reasons why thoughtful people tend to react with such profound emotion when their Traditions are threatened, dismantled or otherwise vilified is because on some basic, level, their humanity is being affronted. This entire conflict (and make no mistake, it is a genuine conflict) is rather cheapened when it is appropriated by middle American Proles like Ms. Gaede who think that we can appreciate the current social-political milieu in terms of niggers are after the White women, Hitler was cool, swastikas are good luck, and Jews are using the Blacks against us. Ultimately, April Gaede (and the rest of the 'WN Movement') never really got the memo that the culture never belonged to her ilk in the first place.

I guess if April bakes enough Swastika cakes on Uncle Adolf's b-day, passes out enough Prussian Blue cds, and plasters enough 'Hitler was Right!" bumper stickers on lampposts, then demographic collapse and cultural decrepitude will no longer be in the cards.
Further in the thread: Its not more reasoned, its just less caustic. The 'White Nationalist' reaction to the multicult is a mirror image of the multicult. Its a sneering, powerless "oh yeah? We got that too!". BigMedia has teenybopper girl acts, WN comes up with their own cut rate imitation. Policy planning orgs and Law Enforcement indulge in fearmongering about vestigial 'White Supremicism", Dave the Duke says "oh yeah!" and pens a screed called "Jewish Supremicism".
Political-Capitalism vs. White Nationalism is Coke v. Pepsi...except the "Pepsi" in the equation is some bathtub swill whipped up by an unemployed meth chemist and bottled in greasy pickle jars and nobody drinks it except the crazies and the locals who are just trying to be polite.
A genuinely Traditionalist-Conservative movement would be aiming to encourage people to secede from popular-cultural influences. It wouldn't be endorsing the format of Establishment media outlets while bait-and-switching the content. The format of mass-media is one of the main reasons it is so caustic...its not simply a matter of Pavlovian content.
Pop-music (even the staggeringly bad, Neo-Nazi version) is a form of crude, commodified mass culture. When I think about cultural preservation, I don't think about teenybopper music it mass distributed ditties by fuck-muppets like Christina Aguilera, or underproduced, virtually non-distributed acoustic covers of old Skrewdriver tunes performed by future strippers/truck stop waitresses.
[White Nationalism] is bizarre. 'Culture' isn't "we're the White people and we like NASCAR and don't like rap music. That is 'culture' as defined by Madison Avenue and HBO Original Politics. Its the functional equivalent of Androidfag Cooper and the rest of MSM touting Barack Obama to Black America as "see, he is Black like you. You are all the Black people and this is what your interests are."
Culture is a linear-historical phenomenon that is rooted in parentage and memorial experience overtime. It isn't defined by target market demographics (i.e. you're the "White people" and this is what you like to watch/eat/buy), and it isn't a matter of group-anatomy.


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Robert Heinlein
Heinlein's works include the criticism of glorification of military and somewhat induced the concept of a strong female lead.
Mel Gibson
Gibson's movies' themes often include anti-authoritarianism and and the horrors of war.
J.R.R. Tolkien
Tolkien's works were popular with hippies of the time, because it was pro-nature and anti-war.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone
The duo typically go after who is easier to make fun of at the time. See their depiction of rednecks and Donald Trump.

The point is that none of these artists are truly pro-conservative. For every criticism of the left, they include a criticism and a half of the right.


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The first thing you can do is stop endlessly prostrating before left-wing pop culture. Jewish producers and their walking investments set the standard (typically something only they understand or can perform reliably) for what a form of entertainment or media "should be", and everyone else decides to adhere to it because that's what's "in." Why is it "in"? Because it's what the mainstream media is doing.

By trying to 'reclaim' something so hopelessly corrupt, you continue to play into the hands of the people I describe. There is nothing worth possessing in the realm of mass media; it is pozzed, right down to its earliest foundations. Stop consuming it, stop patronizing it; make your own music, art and whatever else, and do it without emulating a group of people you know are intrinsically debased.

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It can't, and I'm not sure it should either. Things were just as bad when "the Right" held institutional power in culture.
No-one turned into a satanist just by listening to heavy/black/death/doom metal, or turned into a mass shooter just by playing violent and gory vidya.

People need to learn to not give half a shit about the woke twitterati, to never apologize, and to never ever give ground to the clown world idea du jour. Mass media and mass entertainment is also garbage, committe-designed movies/music albums/whatever entirely lacking any creativity or originality should fail instead of making billions.

It would require the right to be proactive instead of reactive.
The primary issue with politics is that while the left had historically been reactive, there is now a specific element of their culture focused on finding, and broadcasting things for their group to respond to.
The right has no such element, and doesn't respond even while facing consistent abuse from aggressive elements.

Rise up.