How can you trust any media, knowing that deepfakes are becoming sophisticated enough to fool you? - It's spookytime again.

Let's face it, while all of those Baka Mitai and We Just Wiped Tomatotown memes are really funny, that's on the really low-end of what's possible with deepfaking. It's not 2010 anymore, and TRON Legacy's de-aging of Jeff Bridges is nowhere near the peak of making a believable human face in software.

Remember when CNN faked all of that Gulf War footage in the early 90s, using a blue backdrop in a warehouse, an air-pusher, a couple fake plants, and a man who is WAY too calm to be in a warzone?
Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

Barring all of the other times that's happened, what's stopping them from outright faking it all, down to the footage and people themselves? The Media hasn't been beholden to any laws regarding lying or propaganda since Obama signed NDAA 2013, effectively rendering the Smith-Mundt Act inert, so they absolutely can do it and make a clean getaway. The question isn't whether or not they will do it, but have they done it, and if yes, for how long have they been doing it? I already watch the news and decide that the opposite of everything they're saying is more than likely the truth, but golly goshdamn does it seem like we're really about to enter the Matrix. They can fake voices, they can fake people, they've been able to fake backdrops for decades, so I really don't think this is a tinfoil situation.

Where do you think this is being used? Do you have any examples?
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Bland Crumbs

I don't endorse it. I just point the way.
The entire history of the media proves no one should just accept what they put out. The very idea that they are trustworthy is a fiction created by the media itself.

Start with Callender and just keep going.

I have mentioned it here before but I will mention it again:

The burning of Black Wall St. was the responsibility of the local media. They published a story saying the suspect of a sexual assault case was going to be lynched and that the suspect was totally innocent.

Of course we will never know if he was or not(a white woman accused a black elevator attendant of assaulting her--believe all women right?) and the media needed to push paper.

The result was a bunch of people showing up to protect the suspect and a bunch of other people showing up to defend the jail.

The modern media tells us that it was all muh racism but it was all muh media.

Someone shot and from there the shit went down.

Whether you believe the reports of what happened in Tulsa(in terms of details...shit got fucked up there is no question) after that comes down to whether you believe the media. The same media who caused the initial confrontation.

There are autistic and scumbag posters on this site <3 you all that have infinitely more journalistic integrity in their plastic shrunken dicks than the US media has ever had in their entire body.
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Those moths in the video look mighty real to me.
Not the clip I was talking about, but it was funny. The second video shows that the one dude "reporting live from Saudi Arabia" from the first video was just filming in a studio. Same tree, same bush, same jacket. The light was a perfect noontime shadow, but the specularity on his jacket suggests secondary stage lighting that was probably hung at 15-30 degrees. Stage lighting, because it's a stage, as you can see from the other shots.