How could one fix Mexico and Central America? -


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Mexico is a shithole, and the Central Americas a raging dumpster fire. How could an aspiring statesman/politician/businessman/warlord/dictator/strongman "fix" these countries to make them not failed states?

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Can't speak for Central America.

But Mexico would need to teach its own history a bit better and come up with a good national story that the people can get around. For all of the culture and history that Mexico has, as a state its national identity and story are lacking. So there is nothing to unify around. This has been their problem for most of the nation's history.

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The citizens of these countries must produce feelings of deep and genuine loyalty to serve to their strength and confirm the hearts and minds of men. And keeping faithfully in their hearts and minds the memory of the past so that grandfather, father and son can look to the future with confidence. The people are aware that this is not associated with great pleasure so they can't do it.

There is also a keen sense of honour and warm interest connects them with it ever since the earliest days of their countries. The high sense of honour should inspire all the people of Latin America, committing them to fulfilling their duties, each one must be prepared, if necessary, to readily sacrifice their lives for the honour of their flag.


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Describe modern day cartels, political figureheads and social debacles as "a historic low" for the nation. Use this as an excuse to mercilessly execute millions of people associated with those groups, a la Operation Hummingbird, without regard for existing law (since you'll be getting rid of all that anyway.) Emulate classical European culture once the parasites have been expunged. Stay far away from any association with international banking families or the U.S. government.

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Ending the drug war to starve the cartels of their main source of income would be a good start. Enforcing the border laws strictly so that workers would stay there would also probably help.
These are solutions to issues but not the solution to the problem. The Mexican state faces an existential problem that mere policy will not change. Like myself and @Austrian Conscript 1915 allude to, the people of Mexico need to adjust they way they think about their nation state if there is to be any hope of solving the greater problem. And once the people of Mexico feel pride and are endeared to their nation, many of the other problems will resolve to a great degree over time. You'll never stop all of the problems, that's impossibly utopian, but you can return a modicum of normality and functionality to the state if the people have respect for it and want to protect it.

This may bear out in the Central American nations as well, but I don't know as much about them.

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A healthy state functions when it is constructed in such a way that fundamentally does *not* depend on everyone or indeed anyone in society being good and moral and selfless individuals, and can endure theoretically everyone in that country being a self serving asshole.

A healthy state thrives when it is constructed in such a way that fundamentally harnesses both the postive and the negative aspects of humanity to encourage absolutely everyone, good and bad, selfless and selfish, idealistic and cynical, and everything in between, to either actively or passively partake in maintaining its status quo and engage in behavior that one way or another helps refine and fine-tune the overall system of existence by meta level innovation and especially competition.

To put it bluntly, every selfish and greedy asshole needs to have as much motive and stake in both local and national society and governance doing well as the purest and most selfless of patriots. It doesnt matter if individuals ignore this motive and discard this stake, the mere existence of such factors will push the vast majority of people into the path of maintaining and trying to improve the state, even if they have zero interest or desire to do so.

Pure anarchy and totalitarianism both stifle these positive and negative driving forces by making competition and thus innovation unsustainable or monopolised by one person/group with a huge incentive to limit everyone who is not them from getting a piece of the pie. This is why liberal democracies, for all their flaws, have a hell of a lot better track record of sustaining this process better than the eternal shitshow of dictators and demagogues and other authoritarian basket cases.

For states like mexico, they need a government thats self serving in the long term enough to delay the immidiate gratification of corruptionbux enough to turn the country into a halfway stable paypig able to be milked for cheap labour. Progressively add/restore the trappings of democracy and individual liberties in order to quiet negative external and internal voices over the course of a decade or two, and from there the process of turning into a functioning liberal democracy is a hell of a lot cleaner.

The cartels, and indeed all groups that have an active stake in keeping their state a perpetual wasteland, need to be hit ruthlessly at every level and their every avenue of profit needs to be burned down until the motive to ruin shit no longer exists.

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My people created this problem, but we're not completely responsible for all the crap happening today. They don't want to create a revolution and fight for themselves. They'd rather take things that belong to others. The way to fix these countries is to cut them off completely and make them confront their own reality.

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the only thing I could think is either this
The way to fix these countries is to cut them off completely and make them confront their own reality.
or an American military occupation, but that would probably cause many mexican-americans to go the way of the muslim and start massacring other Americans

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You can't talk about fixing Latin America without ending the United States' all-consuming thirst for narcotics. As long as there's an endless fountain of drug money (and anti-drug money), there will be a narcostate.

Or if you're a real nihilist, legalize everything and have the US government subsidize domestic drug production, flooding the market to the point that they simply starve out the cartels.

they'd need a complete border lockdown to fully cut off the drug trade, that's the only way the cartels are going away. also a government that goes full pinochet and carries out mass executions of drug dealers.

Or if you're a real nihilist, legalize everything and have the US government subsidize domestic drug production, flooding the market to the point that they simply starve out the cartels.
drug legalisation is absolute poison. this shit literally kills off your population.


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I was thinking about this yesterday. A D.C. led initiative similar to BRI could be a good start as poverty and decaying infrastructure are part of a cyclical process that drives failure. An influx of outside investment would not only lift their boats but ours as well if an interconnected multinational system of infrastructure was developed. It would increase opportunities and inter-regional trade which is part of what is holding so many southern economies down.

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You can't fix Mexico at this point without invasion/infiltration.
The cartels rule the streets and the corrupt gov't and big corporations like Televisa rule the rest.

But the biggest problem is it's people itself. Too many Mexicans think like Coons;
- "Education is for losers, keep it real!"
- "All that matters in life in superficial luxury items"
- Got spare money? Spend it on tacky bullshit instead of investing or buying books.
- "Oh, you made it out of the gutter? Sellout."
-"Real men drink as young as possible and always with the aim of getting IQ-murdering drunk." If your party only had guests slightly buzzed or amicably drinking, your party sucked.

I will say that one of the few things they have going for them is that idpol doesn't have a foothold in their society, yet. One principal tried to encourage it's male students to wear girls skirt uniforms and it made national news, only for basically the entire country to laugh and mock the principal or be enraged at the idea of young boys being sissified by a liberal principal. She "apologized" the next day after being ridiculed online and IRL.
They also still have a sense of patriotism, and believe that their nation can do and be better (how, I have no clue).

But despite that, I can't see a fix that doesn't involve a lot of bullets and hangings.
Cartels would need to be erradicated.
Their politicians have sold their country out to whoever can cash them a check. And they don't even sell out like in the US or UK where politicians pursue power and global influence, but rather simple 6 digit checks and a nice home. They don't think big, and I think that's why Mexico has stagnated in decay.
Televisa, their biggest company, is so corrupt yet so powerful that they have been found with truckloads of illegal drugs by police, had the entire scandal aired on national TV, and went about their day like nothing happened, CCP style. No arrests, no court case, nothing. You mad, Mexican? What are you gonna do about it?

Shit like this is why they illegally immigrate en masse to the US. They know the country is beyond fucked, but they have families to feed and the next-door neighbor seems to have money that could be better utilized by Pedro. Fuck you John & Jane; Ernesta & Paco need your shit more than you do.

You might be thinking; why not revolt (again)? If things are so dire than surely the people would organize like before and topple the government, right? They already did it to Spain a few hundred years ago.
Well, Much like in the US, people have gotten lazy, scared and conforming. Everybody complains, but no one actually wants to inconvenience themselves to do anything about it. Someone else should do it. People have become bleak and almost nihilistic about their situation. "Yeah, the future is fucked and our govt sucks, but what can ya do? That's just how it is. around here." is a common sentiment.
Also, people are severely unequipped. While Americans might have guns, Mexicans don't. The only people who have guns in Mexico are criminals and politicians with private security. Imagine Chicago or Minneapolis, but bigger. The last time Mexicans used knives or rocks against better equipped opponents, Cortez enslaved them all.
But again, it can't be understated just how big their collective apathy is. Their only solution in their eyes is to immigrate, and the gov't is only too happy to see people burden the US with their problems and send money back to Mexico where they can tax and steal it.

So there is nothing to unify around. This has been their problem for most of the nation's history.
Add to that the divide between Northern and Southern Mexico, much like Northern/Southern Italy, where the North consider themselves better than the South and the Southies are ugly, impure, uncivilized beasts (Although when you factor where most of the Cartel crime and terror reigns are located, it paints a different story).

The only way I can see Mexico forced to clean itself out is by eliminating the idea of immigration northwards. By being forced to either fight or die, Mexico has a chance at change.
But as if globalists would ever let any 3rd world nation solve itself.
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