How did snailslime get banned? -

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Bummer. I was going to give everyone in this thread a top hat in memory of @snailslime because she would have wanted it that way. I got 1 maybe 2 pages and then decided it was too much work. So just pretend I gave you a top hat if I didn't.

Why does this individual have enough clout to get a thread like this? Who cares?
She taught us all to not take things to seriously and to not spaz out over stickers.
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I managed to get a couple positive ratings from snail but I still think it was a misclick because it was right back to tophats and trashcans afterward.

She did manage to shift the George Floyd thread from ZOG discussion to sticker sperging so I guess she accomplished something.
She did the occasional positive rating if someone said something uniquely decadent or depraved.

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No, its because @Null told people to stop harassing @Twinkie on the supporter forum , and when people ignored him he finally gave into his bloodletting itch and started throwing down ban hammers left and right against people he was already tired of.
She also tried to tell Null she was important to the Farms because she started the Floyd thread. Telling him how important you are to the site is like holding a metal rod and daring God to strike you during a storm.

Mostly agree, but I'm entertained by how failtrolls like tuscangarder, who I still believe thought she could change the world with some byzantine forum posts.

I don't think @snailslime was a failed troll, as some people, especially @crocotillian or whatever his name was, got serious buttblasted because she just negrated entire threads. It was a fun little niche for a while, like the crazy old guy in all white that shouts about g4 entering our bones and giving us corona. The repetiviness of the odd behaviour makes it weirdly wholesome.

I asked why because I wanted to know. Now I know. Some people think its because of negrates and don't read the whole thread.

I will always be convinced Tuscan had a benis.