How did snailslime get banned? -

Dom Cruise
Isn't saying people are dumb when they're dumb a good contribution or are you also the judge of that? 🤔
If you rate every post you see negative then you are either wasting your time here if you dislike the content so much or you are negrating everything just because, which is pointless.

Just to be clear I don't care that much, I'm not saying Snailslime should have been banned for it, but I am going to call a spade a spade, negrating everything just because is pointless.

Thomas Talus
Neg rating everyone for the sake of negrating is entirely pointless.

It's amazing to me that someone would come here and waste their time like that rather than, ya know, actually contributing to the discussions.
A couple weeks ago I took a look at snailslime's activity log, and it looked like they spent a large number of the hours of the day just rating posts. Up to 9 ratings per minute. I don't get how someone just keeps doing that for extended periods. The ban is honestly probably good for their mental health.