How did snailslime get banned? -

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I'm referring to what the lotion white people use is made of vs what cocoa butter based lotion is made of.

White people lotion is aloe vera based.
Cocoa butter is great and soaking. Aloe vera only ever sits on the surface.
E- You act like white folk don't get terrifyingly dry skin. Even though it is quite common. Cocoa butter is great! Just like olive oil pomade for dyed hair. Is white a single type? If that's the case, all black folk must be the same, regardless of genetics or upbringing.
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Found the point!
Snailslime was banned?

There's me thinking that my posting was just getting better and that's why I wasn't getting naughty stickers!
Getting better means complying with the majority. Never get better. Express yourself however you can.
Edit: Fuck, double post.
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I think she just had her own set of political opinions that she didn’t want to expend the energy arguing, because it usually ends up being a wasted effort anyway.
Yeah, she didn't negrate everything, I don't think, just stuff and people she disagreed with. But I think you can't just use stickers - sometimes you have to use your words. One of the things I like about the Farms is when people will explain themselves, allowing you to see where they're coming from even if that place is one of idiocy.

Or maybe I'm just so burned out by SJWs and their reacting to any questions or resistance with variations of, 'OMG I can't even, it's not my job to educate you, you don't get my emotional labour for free, smdh you don't have Being A Good Person 101' and so on. So I prefer it when people don't avoid every opportunity to state their point of view.

@snailslime might have done that. She definitely posted at times. But I got a sense that she rarely engaged in any of the threads she'd be busy reacting to with much in the way of words or positivity. After all, she was being celebrated just for using the stickers. Why would she need to actually engage?


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There was this guy named, pepper. And he had very very few amount of posts he almost never posted at all whatsoever but suddenly one day he just out of nowhere started neg rating tons and tons of my posts I just didn’t understand it. @pepper . So I am capable of understanding how if someone never posts but reg rate a lot of people badly it could make some men angry however I think second chances should be allowed when it comes to ratings because if men were too scared to even use the stickers then stickers would start to lose their power and would be seen as a white mans tool instead of a tool that any poster on this forum could freely use

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I think stickers are cool. Reminds me of kindy-garden.
Reminds me of my 5th grade elementary school class. Every kid had a binder specifically for stickers we got for answering a "tough" question correctly or getting good grades on our tests. Each binder had a sheet of like 30 boxes that were used to put one sticker in and if you filled the sheet up you won a toy from the teacher's closet (which last i remembered didn't have anything noteworthy)

stickers help men ejaculate sometimes
They also promote healing if you believe that kind of crap.
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