How do I deprogram a troon? - Or put them on the steps to deprogramming themselves

Elkesh Taro
Okay, it's tragically common to see someone on the same websites as me go full "look at how feminine I am!" Constantly talking about their soul gender, etc. You know, like someone who got their dysphoria of the shelves of the internet and is buying that validation DLC. What, do I tell these people, to explain that their perception of themselves has been altered by the internet and that this dysphoria is not an intrinsic part of their being.


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Unless you actually know someone in person, it's useless. Most websites are run by cucks and/or crazy people and trying to convince someone that being trans is a bad idea will get you banned or censored. If it's someone you know and you catch the problem early, you can try talking to them and figuring out the issue. Of course, by the time by the time they're bragging about femininity...



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Odds are high they'd just call you a bigot and block you if you tried.

You could try pointing out that dysphoria is something most humans go through and that trans rhetoric allows big perverts like Jonathan Yaniv to claim they're true and honest women, though.

This image isn't perfect but you could use it: