How do I fix my cousin?

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Tofu Dust

Reading and Weeping
Jul 20, 2020
Just got off work so I thought I'd drop in and tell you about my cousin. He's a furry. very typical furry, woke shit and all.
Right away it's apparent what's wrong with him, but let me elaborate:
  1. He's pansexual and thinks there's actually a difference.
  2. Thinks he can be friends with 16 year old girls at 26.
  3. Wears an actual dog collar. (Not to work, thankfully.)
  4. Cross dresses. (His tranny name is June.)
  5. Obnoxious laugh where he tries way too hard to giggle like a girl.
  6. Friends with other trannies that barely pass and like one cool guy
He actually came up to me today and was like "oh btw I have BPD, Manic Depression," and some other thing I can't remember.
He'll also frequently meow like a cat for no reason. As if that wasn't bad enough, he came back to the kitchen and started making this awful high pitched noise for a straight minute. I told him to fuck off and I could tell he was really personally offended, because he later came back again and started to pretend he had amnesia.
I shit you not. Amnesia.
Is he too far from saving?


Generic Edgelord Supreme
Jun 30, 2021
Pansexuality by definition includes pedophilia and ephebophilia, which are pretty much the same thing anyway. If he creeps on teenagers in his mid-20s and claims to be pansexual, it's not a stretch that he probably views minors as valid sexual prospects. Don't be surprised when the FBI finds his child porn collection and arrests him for it. In that regard, the only solution other than death is chemical castration... or physical castration, which he might agree to.