How do I get rich off my love for stalking lolcows - How I learned to stop worrying and love the bidness


Tactical Autism Response Division
True & Honest Fan
there's an opening in the world for a chris chan themed cloud rapper
Call yourself Yung Tism. Or something.

Ryotaro Dojima

Nanako, get me the good smokes.
I'd advise a hostage negotiation. Take Chris hostage and let all the VVeens throw their mommy and daddys money to save their God in the name of lulz.

La Luz Extinguido

There are no innocents
Not rich but you can make some bucks by exposing yourself as even more of an autistic lolcow as this happened with careercows over and over.

Orange Rhymer
Is this some kind of venture capital scheme to farm peoples' ideas and make the next Google?

Friend, you are in the wrong place for that...
(but it's better than Harvard biz school, where 80% of the entrepreneurs develop insufferable golfing products/services/items)