how do people get banned here?

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    MalwareBytes has, again, blocked both the .net and .cc domains for the Kiwi Farms. Complain to them, not me.
There's a lot of ways to get your ass pegged good so it make sure you'll get back after the process because you'll need this validation from ones you've been pegged by.

Here are the most obvious reasons:
1. Tagging Mr. Moon(man) aka Null over some retarded shitpost, shit takes. Tagging the red nicknames is possible but at your own risk.
2. Pedoposting
3. Open agitation for pedophiles rights
4. Insulting Josh's Sailor Moon collection nobody should know about
5. Advocating for Tommy Tooter will not get you banned but you'll stuck in his subforum forever
6. Reaching Chris Chan with idiotic causes such as agitation for depravity
7. Thursting over Null x Sonichu x Chris Chan eroge game, hentai comics by Unknown Samaritans, fan-fics and an...