How do we dismantle Black Fragility? -

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Disavow, disinherit, disown and buy her a one-way ticket back to Africa. I would also HIGHLY question why you've put yourself in a position to have a mulatto in your family. You need a serious examination of your own character.
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get rid of indefinite term nonspecific welfare programs

I always gotta tell Americans who freak out about THE NIGGERS that it's not like that in other countries. Other countries' blacks aren't like that on the whole, and the exceptions are usually notable in that they're very "americanized" situations (e.g. anything that ever happens in Toronto)

But there's always a group who ARE like that, and it's usually the one that's on the kind of welfare that doesn't require a specific reason other than "I gots no dosh". In Canada it's natives who are super fragile and have remarkably similar behaviour and movements to American blacks and generally have to be handled with kid gloves lest they respond to new construction with machine guns. In the UK and western Europe, it's arabs and persians that come by to claim refugee status and live in subsidized housing, and then wonder why it's not taken well when they defend literal terrorists in editorials.

I'm not sure what it is, or whether it's that gibs create these people or these people just tend to require gibs, but the correlation is strong. I think it's that as a whole the group gets spoiled and grows a sense that whitey is responsible for solving their problems, reinforced by clinging to some historical slight to justify it (muh slavery, muh residential schools, muh crusades)

It even infects the educated and functional who aren't reliant on welfare since rather than taking pride in their actual achievements it's pride in achieving in spite of whitey. You only start to lose this kind of thing in families that have had a couple generations of success: families where the kids aren't brought up by downer loser parents that blame everything on their race instead of on their being downer losers.
yeah, it's not like we don't have specific evidence that even before the modern welfare state, we had solid proof it's HARMFUL to give people money to not do anything.