How Do We Stop Americans From Kililing Each Other? - Yes It's A Poll Thread

Do We, Ban Guns?

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So you think deporting people who have done absolutely nothing wrong and may have been here for generations won’t lead to violence?
violence is unavoidable at this point. I don't advocate for deportation but return to village state. America started off rural. The less rural America becomes the less free America becomes it seems.

America fragmentin into regional nations probably fix the political tensions

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To answer the thread question, I don't think you can and my optimism is gone. As people have said, it's a cultural problem, but we're never going to focus on it and fix the problem. Trump's an easy target for lazy people who don't want any blame, and everyone believes they are some sort of political messiah. People will continue to shoot shit up with zero resistance minus the police or the one person who actually carries, and deaths will keep rising, because politics matter more than lives or using your fucking brain.

I have no clue how all of these urban idiots keep saying to ban guns, yet they live in communities festered with illegally acquired ones. Same goes for the fuck the police and government response, until it's life or death, then they need Big Brother to come in and swipe their problems away, or need Mr. Popo to kill a domestic terrorist. I'm just going to sit and watch people get murdered by psychopaths with plagiarized, MLA formatted manifestos and let America eat itself, as I'm tired of hearing about how "divisive" shit is from the same hypocritical militant fucks.


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So you think deporting people who have done absolutely nothing wrong and may have been here for generations won’t lead to violence?
Cutting out a tumor can be pretty traumatic, but necessary to save the life of the patient.

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13% does 50, my dude.
The Asiatic religions and Islam are also diametrically opposed to all Western democratic values. Pay attention.
Yeah, East Asians haven’t assimilated at all...

Except for the fact that plenty of them absolutely have. And in any case, I love how your response to two shootings carried out by white males (and no I’m not saying that them being white males has anything to do with the shooting, that’s retarded) is that it’s all the fault of minorities.

Say you’re a fifth generation black, Hispanic, or Asian. You go to work, pay your taxes, are a good citizen. Then one day the government says “all non whites are stripped of their citizenship, get the fuck out.” Would you go without a fight?


This paper contains all the reasons you're a fag
13% does 50, my dude.
The Asiatic religions and Islam are also diametrically opposed to all Western democratic values. Pay attention.
Ok mr ubermensch lets deport millions of people who may or may not have had families here for over a century because "but the blacks kill alot of blacks in the ghetto! 50%!". Talking about western values when stripping people of their individual freedom is NOT a western value.

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I will tell you. Its gonna be long and uncomfortable. But it will never happen. We have had these answers for years.

How to Stop Mass Shootings by a Massive Asshole: A List and Why They Will Never Be Done

  • Proper mental health treatment for men. The stigma against getting treated for men is real and has never budged. Men bottle up emotions until they explode. Men and Women are different and commit suicide for different reasons. On average women have more suicide attempts as a cry for help. On the whole, men are way more successful at it and so the suicide rate skyrockets. Suicide and Mass Shootings are linked. Men don't see hope for a future for themselves. They're getting left behind in education, in jobs, in culture, in dating. There are no programs to advance them. Most college graduates are women. At starting jobs, women make higher amounts of money than men because of this. You need programs to make this happen. Its also been shown that domestic violence among men and women is practically equal, though only the latter is taken seriously. Body image issues also occur in similar rates in men, but this is again not taken seriously.
Why it won't Happen
  • Men are Satan. If you start a program to help men out, you will never hear the end of it. That you are a male rights activist, that you're a misogynist. People will laugh and mock men who do this and try to get treatment, and you'll get cognitive dissonance from Betas who hold the snack tray who will eventually blow their own brains out. They will de-platform you, harass your family and destroy your job and any good intentions you have. Nobody wants to risk it. Its simpler to think that men are getting radicalized when they can simply just observe society around them demonizing them, hating them and not even bothering to care. Others are just severely mentally ill who will never get the help they need because of stigma, lack of funding and programs. Also, look at every article about male mental health or suicide. The news begrudgingly 'accepts' it but always throws women in there too for some reason. There's also another reason: Nobody wants to spend the money
  • Make coverage of mass shootings as boring as possible. Don't show images of the shooter. Don't mention his manifestos or if you do, just briefly mention he had one. Don't even say if it was written or posted. Don't mention body counts. Don't trample through the grisly details, making them look like heroes of society. Minimize it as much as possible, localize it, don't make it 24/7 coverage. Have a guy speak about it in a monotone voice. Remove the illusion and glitz and glamour from it. Don't glorify. Don't spread these 'tragic stories'. Isolate it to communites affected and make it a blip on the national stage.
Why it won't Happen
  • 8CHAN PURVEYOR OF HATE HOSTS MANIFESTOS: WHY ARE KILLERS COMING HERE? HOW 8CHAN RADICALIZES KILLERS. THE EFFECT OF GAMERGATE AND MASS SHOOTERS. SALTY FORMER OWNER OF 8CHAN SAYS ITS EVIL AND MUST BE DESTROYED. THE RADICILIZATION OF AMERICAS YOUTH. WHY ARE MASS SHOOTERS WHITE MALES? DO WE HAVE A WHITE MALE PROBLEM? I'm sure you get the point. News organizations are starving and dying. They need profit to keep going. They sensationalize it intentionally, leading to the cognitive reinforcement that these people are evil, there's no hope for them, and that the sites they go to make them radical and they should have their rights forcefully confiscated from them, in terms of their speech as well as owning a gun. The media makes massive amounts of money off of these things. They also get to push their specific corporate agendas and wipe out competition of free speech. All it took to get Cloudflare to de-list 8chan was whining by blue checkmarks. If it were true, you've isolated an already isolated group of people, making them feel more alone in the world and more prone to hurting others. The sad fact is the news profits off of this so much that they will never not sensationalize it. It also rids them of competiton, so its two fold.
  • Have politicians tone down rehtoric when motives aren't known. Vet motivations, see if existing gun laws were violated. Have greater presence to isolate dangerous shooters. The guy who shot up the Florida school was actively being investigated and was a massive fuck-up by politicians, police and the community at large. Tighten these loopholes. Hold people accountable. Don't let fear take over and let others exploit the tragedy for a decrease in fundamental rights. Simple, common sense gun laws like background checks. Tighten up existing laws. Freedom should not be sacrificed for security.
Why it Won't Happen:
  • "Never let a good tragedy go to waste" - Rham Emmanuel


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Gun control only works in places where there are few to no guns to start with. Like in the UK. You bet that every 2-bit gangsta wannabe or edgy incel in this country would love to have one but they don't, because:

1. Black Market guns are crazy expensive. If you want something better than a re-activated antique that's more of a danger to you than your target (I've heard stories of bank hold-ups here involving Napoleonic era flintlock pistols), then that's thousands of pounds.

2. Even if you could find a seller that wasn't a fed, you stand a good chance of going to a meeting with a man with a gun with several thousand pounds in your pocket, and going home without the gun, or the money, but with some nasty pistol-whip injuries.

3. Even if you get the gun, who is going to train you to use it safely? Where will you get reliable ammunition, or repairs? Where will you practice your aim? Not that you'll get more than a few live rounds to waste on improving your marksmanship anyway.

Guns in the UK are in such short supply that criminals have to rent them off gangland loan sharks. There's one 9mm pistol going around Birmingham that's been used in nearly 20 crimes by different perpetrators. Its one thing to have a "town gun", another when that town is a city of 3 million people.

The USA by contrast has about twice as many guns as people. There are tens of thousands of people who know to repair them, train you in marksmanship or even build guns from scratch. You'd not only have to take several hundred million guns away, you'd have to shut down the infrastructure and the culture. Of people who have guns and don't trust the government.

Most guns used in crimes in the US are stolen or acquired illegally by other means. Let's face it, someone who does not respect or obey the laws against armed robbery or murder won't have much issue ignoring laws against guns either.

Anyone who thinks the US can use European style gun control is not comparing like with like.

The US (like other places) has to figure out what makes its citizens want to kill each other en masse in the first place. But that would be difficult and lead to fewer photo opportunities for Politicians to score cheap points against their opponents, so don't get your hopes up.
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How do we stop Americans from killing each other? Stop the satanic screed of Do what thou wilt beliefs and demand parents monitor their brats mental health and online activities. Both El Paso and Dayton shooters as well as Parkland, Charleston, and Newtown were idiot brats unmonitored in this. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say raised to be killing ruh-tards.

I think we should only ban guns that are ugly. If you want to do a shooting, you have to make your weapons of choice look aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, it's illegal and you can't do it. Then, after the weapon is confiscated, museums will buy the guns, and be able to display them as art and historical pieces. After obtaining enough, the museums in question can have a "shooters gallery", that will allow the public to see the guns.

Yeah, but aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder. For example, I personally appreciate the look of the Glock handgun, particularly the G43 super-compact. Glocks are just well-designed: utilitarian and basic, comfortable and reliable. But a lot of gun people think they are ugly and boxy. I certainly see the appeal in a nice 1911, but I also feel like .45ACP isn't as elegant as modern 9mm -- in terms of feel/recoil.

As for rifles, are you a fan of Fudd-style guns with bolt action and wooden furniture? Or do you like modern semi-automatics, e.g. the AR-15 platform?

I think it's funny when politicians suggest gun legislation that is non-nonsensical due to their lack of knowledge or understanding of firearms. A lot of people who have never even held a firearm seem to think that if it's made out of black polymer and/or has a telescoping stock, it therefore must be scary and ban-worthy. And of course the whole misunderstanding about what constitutes an "assault rifle".

I also think that there's a lot of internet debate about which caliber is the most lethal or has the most "stopping power", but in reality the lowly .22LR has killed a lot of people.

Finally, regarding "assault rifles" and their use in mass shootings, I feel that it's worth pointing out that handguns actually are statistically responsible for far more homicides in the USA each year. And the guy who went on the rampage at Virginia Tech in 2007 actually just used two handguns -- a Walther P22 (.22LR) and a Glock 19 (9mm) -- and he killed 32 and injured 17 others: more casualties than plenty of other mass shooting events where the murderer was using an assault rifle. So the issue clearly isn't a matter of banning or restricting a particular type of gun. Someone with homicidal intent could find a way to kill a bunch of people in an enclosed area with just about any firearm, so there's really no point in suggesting a ban on any particular model or design.
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Boomer statement: When I was in high school, it was very normal for us to go to school and have guns in our vehicle- we just had to park in the lot across the street and let the principal know we'd been hunting- that way they could make sure no one had broken in. We weren't supposed to have knives, but no one gave a shit about pocket knives if you didn't have it out doing stupid shit with it.

No one ever pulled a gun out to settle a dispute, no matter how nasty it got. At our most childish, we fought it out with our bare hands, at our best we talked about it like men and came to an agreement and that was the end of it. If you'd have pulled out a gun to shoot up the place, you'd have about ten more unloading into you and before you hit the ground we'd be laughing at the slowpoke fatshit kid that couldn't get his out of his truck in time.

Boomer moment complete.

All that changed when I went to school with niggers- metal detectors, cops had to be parked outside and have riot gear and pepper spray. We couldn't even wear baseball caps or sports jerseys to school because niggers would hospitalize each other over trivial shit. Niggers would chimp the fuck out and destroy entire classrooms, steal anything you didn't hide from view, yank little middle school white girls' shirts and bras up- I watched two 14-year-old nigresses slash each other with fucking box-cutters and I couldn't help but worry that the pregnant one was gonna get slashed in the belly and the niglet would fall out.

I'll give a fuck about the very, very rare instance of a rampage shooter when we address the real dangers to our youth.

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There have been over 200 mass shootings since 1 Jan 2019. This is NOT normal.
Most of those are blacks and stuff like that doing gang wars in the inner cities.
Of course the media will never talk about that, because that is not convenient for their agenda.

So the police should actually do it's job and mess up criminals.


Well, that's all, folks
There have been over 200 mass shootings since 1 Jan 2019. This is NOT normal.
Only counts if it is a whitey doing it. Cause whitey is the cause of every goddamn bad thing in the world. Like antibiotics and inoculations and increases in food production that allow all these other folks to breed. Clearly our fault they are alive and killing each other. And breeding.
But seriously. If you want to stop white folks killing others, then stop doing shit that makes them cranky and turns them into head cases - but do hand out some more happy pills. To everyone.

I don't own a gun. Have used them. I don't have a problem with others having or using them, be it hunting, recreation or in occupational position/situation.

I would however be more concerned if there was a ban on guns. Rather not have to do a double take on every toaster or appliance I see.

I strongly fear the psycho who has to get inventive. Couple of planes enlightened me to that fact.

Oh, forgot to give a solution. Unite against the 'alien's', naturally. Whenever they do come to enslave humanity and all that.
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