How Do We Stop Americans From Kililing Each Other? - Yes It's A Poll Thread

Do We, Ban Guns?

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I also think that there's a lot of internet debate about which caliber is the most lethal or has the most "stopping power", but in reality the lowly .22LR has killed a lot of people.
If you go back and look at all the assassinations around the world you will find the .22LR being used quite often.
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Crimes, including murder and even mass murder are an inevitable part of civilization. If you ban guns the types of people who commit these specific kinds of crimes will just find something else to use.
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If you go back and look at all the assassinations around the world you will find the .22LR being used quite often.
Makes sense given that it's actually fairly quiet when used with a can, particularly with sub-sonic rounds. It's never as quiet as movies would lead one to believe silencers supposedly are, but it's low enough volume to not require using ear plugs or that it'd draw too much unwanted attention to the scene.


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I've talked with some old folks at a gun range in the Netherlands. 50 years ago you could just walk down the street with a rifle on your shoulder. It was only after a couple of terrorist attacks most notably the capture and hostaging of a train by south-east asian immigrants that laws were made about gun ownership and licenses, which have tightened since.
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I'll give a fuck about the very, very rare instance of a rampage shooter when we address the real dangers to our youth.
Going to an "integrated" high school was a hell of a redpill. Anyway, when you remove gang-related violence, you'll find that the US has a homicide rate on par with a lot of western European countries that have far more restrictions on guns. There are a lot of Americans dying for stupid reasons, but it's pretty banal stuff compared to the excitement of MASS MURDER. I'm pretty sure that car accidents are by far the biggest killer of high schoolers, but you can't blame that on your political enemies. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among Americans age 10-34, and the fourth-leading cause for ages 35-54, according to NIMH. Deaths from drug and alcohol abuse are also at an all time high. Mass shootings are a statistical anomaly and I won't start caring about them until I'm sure that our politicians actually care about preventing deaths.

In the US, you're multiple times more likely to be killed by some crazy hobo with a knife than you are some mass murderer.

Hell, statistically our interstate highways are deadlier than Iraq in 2006.
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Going to an "integrated" high school was a hell of a redpill.
Exposure is always the biggest redpill and it works both ways.

I've never been in a nearly exclusively white place before until recently and it opened my eyes to the things high trust communities can have.
Everyone was nice and friendly, everywhere was so clean, there were full families everywhere and not one single mother carting around a mixed baby or burqa in sight.

Made me understand how people living in these types of places can be ignorant of the realities of the "integrated" world.
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