How do you get the extra stickers (deviant, semper fi, etc)? -

Still nothing, so scare it. My times ate the farms has come to an end. Thanks all. Even thos of you who was too much of an trashcan to just help me. He will get my 20+ but that will be the last dime I contribute. Idc I'll move along to greener pastures.

I know this isnt an airport, but still since I couldn't get atleast one of younhinest narcs to he help, then I guess it's good bye. I'm sure I won't be missed as ik sure you wont me me.

I used to contribute ALOT on my main, but if I'm not welcome on this account then screw it.

@Null good luck. Maybe help folks who are doing nothing more then try to help keep the thing we enjoy going. Rate me mati, but this more like makf for not helping me help th site.

Lookout Amazon, extra few hundred will eventually be yours