How do you handle being incredibly stupid? -

Yo, I just bombed a certification test so hard my dead momma in hell felt the blow of shame. When I die and see her again, she will whoop my ass in the lava pits and be ashamed forever more.

With this and looking at my previous life actions, I realized I'm like, mega retarded. Due this being the farms and everyone here is an expert on retardation, thought I would ask what's the best way to handle this crippling lifestyle modifier.

Here is my thoughts on possible coping methods:
1. Cheat, lie and hope for the best.

2. Attempt to work hard and after three years of failing to learn elementary level Spanish, apply for some kind of tugboat program for the smooth brain disabled.

3. Become a streamer on something like IP2 or become a twitch thot and hope you can make a living that way.

4. Just post in A&N all day about race wars and anime.

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First off, bing. Second. It's all stuff like "my kid Is is too hard on himself, what do I do?" And it's all answers that consist only of sympathetic lies. It's pretty weak.

I think a person like me would make a perfect jannie.
>not using bing for amazon rewards
Got like 5 criterion blurays from it

Kujo Jotaro

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Every time I feel like I'm smart its quickly followed by the overwhelming feeling of being completely retarded. It's like an inescapable loop. Doesn't matter in what context I feel smart whether I feel smarter than someone else, someone tells me they think I'm smart, I do something others would regard as smart, etc..... Its always followed by the thought that I'm actually just retarded.

Really what I'm trying to say is that its hard to judge your own intelligence, and that of others. Stop worrying about whether you're smart or not and focus on what you're good at. Just because you're not traditionally intelligent doesn't mean you can't find success in life. Hell what you're good at might actually pay the bills and then some if you're lucky. If all else fails just know you can always be a garbage man, shit pays pretty well from what I've heard.

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