How do you make an anonymous facebook account? -

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I'm a fucking exceptional individual I know, but I can't find a way to make an account without linking it to my actual phone number. Is there a way around this?


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You can also fish for inactive accounts and change all the details, in the past you weren't required to link a phone number and people didn't really cared that much in using strong passwords, you'll be surprised how many abandoned accounts have the 1234 pass still there.


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All new accounts require a number, get a fake one with a web service.

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Powerleveling a bit, but I do not use facebook for pleasure. I only use it professionally when I need to OSINT people. This being the case, I do not have an actual account nor do I use any of my real credentials to make accounts. I will get a new number from a burner phone and set it up that way.
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All new accounts require a number, get a fake one with a web service.
Those mother fuckers. I guess its to stop the russian trolls.

Pro tip I had a great aunt die, and their kids were alittle too quick to turn off her phone the result they had alot of problems resolving that shit.

Also I thought facebook liked all the fact accounts cause it inflates their user base numbers and thus the valve of FB.
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I was trying to make a Twitter account the other day to troll a local lolcow. I ran into the same issue, but didn't care enough to pay for a burner number.

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