How do you make an anonymous facebook account? -

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I tried that, dummy. It didn't work. It still asked to verify by text before I could do anything. I get hit with one of these the instant the account is created:


I tried making like ten different accounts at the time. Started with Guerrilla Mail. Tried with Proton Mail. Tried with Gmail. Tried with Tor. Tried with US & UK based VPNs. Tried some of those free burner sites, but the numbers were already used. If it's at the point where I have to sign up for 15 services just to troll some dickhead on Twitter, it's not fun anymore.
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I am thankful I made both accounts pre 2015. Facebook keeps asking for my number, and I signed up for discord in beta. So they do not have either. That is absolutely bullshit though that they require that now.

But like others have said, I am sure there is a workaround for this. Just like how it is super easy to get a Chinese SSID.

I guess any online service that is linked to a cellphone or requires cellphone verification is NOT anonymous, not even Protonmail. You can change the SIM but the IMEI stays the same and your location can be calculated by cell location data.

Keep in mind whatever your goals are for this account not linked to your identity you can't use it to interact with any user who would report you for any reason. All a person has to do is flag your account for fake identity and they will close your account and require a validation of your ID to reopen. I lost the troll account I use to use due to this. Got into an argument with someone and was flagged for not using a legal name. Was being asked to provide a real id or government document etc. To prove my identity before getting my account back.

I even tried using the Mclovin ID. Facebook was having none of it.
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