How do you prefer and/or make your chicken? -

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How do you all get your chicken done?

I personally, enjoy a seasoned 7/8” breast put upon a grill for about 3 minutes on both sides. Simplistic and delicious.

Marinate a room temperature chicken quarter in chicken fajita seasoning and mustard for an hour or so. Grill over mesquite charcoal until the exact moment it hits 165°f internal temp. Let rest 10-15 mins. Remove skin if you're on a cut. Some of the best tasting chicken ever.

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Brined bone in thighs smoked for 20 min or so to get flavor and then grilled. All kind of seasonings. I actually like a italian dressing marinade because it reminds me of my childhood. Chicken wings/drumsticks smoked and then grilled, but only thai chili style or traditional Frank's Red Hot. You don't have to put the sauce on right away. The smoking makes the skin a little tacky and helps the sauce stick. The grilling should be hot and direct to crisp the skin. Powdering lightly with baking powder or thinning your sauce with a little melted butter can help if you aren't getting crispy wings. I've never had a problem. Just grill them over red hot coals for a couple minutes until the skin crisps.


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Depends if I have the time or not, if I don't then I'll just grill a few chicken breasts and slice them up and put them in a wrap with some onion and iceberg letteuce and dip them in barbecue or ketchup. If I have time then I sometimes make my own chicken tendies from YouTube tutorials which taste much nicer than just plain chicken breast.

I'm more of a lamb wrap guy myself but I prefer putting the lamb into pita bread with onion & lettuce although there's a Turkish kebab place up the road from me so I mostly just go there for lamb, I would cook it more but whenever I am at the supermarket it seems pretty expensive compared to chicken plus I can't make tendies out of lamb.

chicken thighs, patted dry with paper towels, some kosher salt sprinkled on both sides, canola oil on stainless steel skillet, medium-high heat, 4-6 minutes for each side, let rest for 5 min. serve.


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I found this video by this dude who is basically a Brazilian meat wizard. He loves meat like most people love their kids, it amazing.
The videos worth watching just to hear him talk, it’s hilarious.
Basically, it’s BBQ chicken covered in bread dough and panko and then fried. I’ve made it, and it was lordly. But not nearly as lordly as the second recipe.
It’s the BBQ chicken, chopped up, mixed with creamy cheese, then wrapped in the dough and panko and fried. You look at it, and gain three pounds instantly. It’s worth it.
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Grill is nice, but I usually bake/roast it in the oven.
Got a new oven recently that kicks ass.

Edit: My boomer parents actually have a "Set it and Forget it" and it cooks a damn good chicken.

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When its cooler and I don't mind running the oven, I'll roast chicken (whole or chicken thighs). Otherwise some sort of braised dish, for example chicken paprikash (chicken thighs always, breast sucks).