How do you prefer and/or make your chicken? -


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Squeeze some lemon juice onto the surface, add a little paprika, sear the flavors together then steam it.


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Usually I'll bake thighs.
Seasoning is a few steps. Skin side down, [season including salt]. Flip them skin up, pull the skin back, [seasoning with less salt], replace the skin, [seasoning that won't scorch in the oven and remaining salt]
About 30m at 375, flip skin down for another 15m, flip skin up and crank it to around 400 for another 15.
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My boomer parents actually have a "Set it and Forget it" and it cooks a damn good chicken.

I can certainly attest to this. I used to have one of the showtime rotisseries that my mother bought for me when I left for college and chicken was absolutely my favorite thing to do with it. Just throw some herbs and spices on that bitch and [CATCHY SLOGAN]!!! I wish I still had it, but rotisserie chickens are so dirt cheap at the supermarket now anyway. I went to go buy another one a few years ago, but they apparently don't make the ovens as big as they used to anymore either.


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Yeah those five dollar chickens from Costco pretty successfully killed my interest in making a whole chicken

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A recipe I stole from a job many years ago. Best Roast chicken ever and easy af.

Take 1 whole roasting chicken. Season chicken all over with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. Put the chicken in a baking dish that can be covered (dutch oven is ideal). Dribble a bit of olive oit or place a bit of butter or marg on the chicken. Close it tightly, bake at 350 for one hour. After one hour has passed, remove lid, turn the temp up to 375 and bake for another half an hour.

You can change up the flavors by putting other spices on, I've tried lemon pepper, tandoori, curry powder, pollo asado among others, they're all good.

If you've got leftovers, the roasted bones and pan drippings .make good stock/soup


Hi, guize! OK, so
Lately broiling has been my default. I cut breasts into chunks or split it horizontally. Marinate it in whatever compliments the rest of the meal- often lemon juice, olive oil and whatever seasonings.
Very similar results to grilling, with charred bits and all.