How do you reclaim freedom in a neoliberal hell? -

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Neoliberalism at its finest. Unregulated crony capitalism + social justice logic so that people gulp it all down.

It's like back in the days when the "divine right of kings" was a thing. Just as attacks on the the king were once reframed as rebellions against God, attacks on corporations and governments today can be neutralized as bigotry.


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I'll kill myself after you stop calling an actual good song a meme you dunce and neck yourself for being uncultured swine.
It's actually an overplayed piece of shit song, sorry for not being sorry. : )


Welcome to Silent Hill faggots.
It's actually an overplayed piece of shit song, sorry for not being sorry. : )
Really? I hardly hear it at places. I don't know who you hang with but get friends with bigger playlists. It's actually a pretty good song. And it's okay.

Sorry OP, your autism game is strong, but you'll never make it to the top with limp ass dystopias like the one in the OP. No civil meat? No pain tripling every second? No fucking deskeletonization?


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Maybe @Apoth42 would be happier if he stopped being a broken animu tranny faggot.
You wanna liberate yourself from neoliberal hellworld? Start within. Quit being the degenerate product of neoliberal hellworld. Throw away your hentai and get religion or something idk
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Wait till the neoliberal system/society collapse (which it will), then rebuild it from the ground up with something new.