How do you write a jailed Lolcow? - Baiting Bate

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Jordan Robert Hill
I recall reading his Nick Bate's ED before the key section got nuked, and plan to get around to reading the entirety of these 3 threads:

The last post in the thread mentions "If someone visits Nick in prison or writes him a letter that he responds to, make a talk to staff and we'll unlock this thread."

It seems doubtful anyone will visit, but writing a letter seems less of a hassle and more troublesome.

The only thing is, for him to be able to respond to a letter, you would need to give a return address, and that seems kind of risky.

Does anyone know if there are any letter-bouncing services where they will mail letters sent to them to you? Or perhaps scan a latter they receive and convert it to text via Optical Character Recognition so the response would be mechanically transcribed and put on the internet?

This would seem like a useful means of communicating with prisoners in a way that doesn't put a letter-writer at risk (doesn't get them targeted by the criminal if they go unhinged) and would make contacting them and starting up a conversation more feasible.

If services like these were identified or created/streamlined it might even be as simple a matter as typing up a text message and paying a fee, and some business could print up the text, envelope it and stick it in the mailbox, and then scan the replies and e-mail back to you.

I am mostly interested, if I can't locate a transcript, to get a manifesto of Nick's side of things in his own words, and if what he says happened aligns with the court's decision. Like what evidence was used and his arguments against it, whether the legal representation he got was fair, etc.

I'm trying to figure out of this is a "I wrote a fanfic about my sis eating my ass/dick and then she said it happened so I went to jail" or whether there was any evidence beyond the story and testimony that makes it seem more probable that something did happen.

One argument I could see is "that's so demeaning, why would someone lie about that if it wasn't true?" to which I would answer: you could say the same about Bill Cosby, but not everyone believes every single one of his accusers.

One motive I can see to be deceptive is, even if nothing did happen, you think the person is a danger and needs to be put away, and are willing to stretch the truth and say something happened to you to prevent it from actually happening to someone else in the future. Is that possible?
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