How does one accept the idea of "Eternal Oblivion?" - "Eternal Oblivion," AKA the idea that there is nothing after death


shit demon
I'm not talking about the process of dying. As long as I don't get captured and tortured by the Cartel, the dying part doesn't really get to me. This is about what happens after you die - specifically with reincarnation or any form of afterlife taken out of the equation.

I want to come to terms with my mortality and live the rest of my life without having to worry. People say it'll be just like the time before you were born. People say it's going to be just like those moments between when you fall asleep and when you wake up. That doesn't sound so bad to me, honestly. Though, whenever I think about this concept, it seems like my body's survival instincts activate and I start to panic. Usually, this happens when I try to visualize and understand the "nothing" that comes after death. It keeps me up at night whenever the topic crosses my mind and is forcing me to stay up longer than I'm used to.

It's more of an inconvenience than an actual problem. Nonetheless, I'd like to fix it. ...Oh, and I guess we could have some philosophical discussions about death while we're at it.

So, how does one cope with the idea of "nothingness" after death?

P.S. just so everyone knows i'm not making this thread because i feel like i'm about to die anytime soon, so... you know

Everyone has their moment when they've got no reason to stay, that's when it's the best time to go. Nothing scary about that. The scary part is getting bumped off before you get there and you have a few precious seconds to think about what you didn't finish doing yet.

The only person that doesn't fear death is either crazy or dead.

Tasty Tatty
I was having these kind of thoughts some time ago when I was goung through a depressive episode, so my first question would be "are you ok?" I hope so.

To answer the question, well, as a religious person myself, it was kinda hard to have these thoughts because it goes against my faith. I even started to wonder myself if there was indeed a God of if it was just something we made up to feel better about dying. This made me even more anxious.

Some weeks later, there was a tragedy in the family: an accident got someone killed and some other was severely hurt. Everything was worst because I thought God was punishing me for something as I was seeing my family suffering around me and I wasn't able to help them. Even though I wasn't meant to it, I felt I still should be doing something. Of course, I still remained depressed, couldn't go to the funeral either, but then, I saw how the person who died was very loved. I was told many of her friends from college where there, members of the family, relatives we barely met. She was very young and she had lived a lot, so she lived in our memories. And, for some reason, I felt her love. Like, I could feel something inside that came from her, even if she wasn't here any more. I dunno how to explain it, but I felt like she could be "taking care of us". Have you seen the last scene of Ghost? "The love inside, you take it with you": her love remained with us, I guess. Little after that, things started to feel a bit better for us.

I also stopped wondering about death. I realised I didn't want to die and I need to shake off bad feelings to remain alive. I still don't know whatever happens after we died, and honestly, I don't even think it's something I should worry about because whatever it is, we can't do anything about it. Why would I worry about that? Just, try to live as much as you can and enjoy life and that will be the only thing that matters.


shit demon
The problem is less about "understanding" what happens after death. I know after death I will be the same as I was before I was born. The main issue is "accepting" it.

Is this the sort of thing that fixes itself over time or do I need to do something about it myself? I can't live the rest of my life losing my mind every time the topic of death comes around. I mean I can, but... that's impractical for obvious reasons.
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I just view time like a video game at 60 fps and all thoughts are just a static thing that comes from the state at any frame. I don't really care about my past thoughts that much so why should I care about the future of my thoughts?

I only care about the material state of the world and advancing the human civilization.
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this was a great source of anxiety when I was younger. one night, when I was about 5 or 6, I pieced together the concept of eternity and death, and believed death was the cessation of control, and that we would somehow be conscious for eternity, existing in a sea of nothing. of course, as we grow older, our concept of topics like this change as we synthesize and process new information, and honestly I think this is a topic that continually changes throughout life; I've had countless changes of heart about this topic that I can't really accept one to be true until it finally happens.

I will say, the argument that we "return to nothing" isn't a very strong one to me, since it is the same "nothing" that existed before coming into being, so this "nothing" can't truly be seen as a death to me when it was the same concept that birthed us. the one constant in this universe is change, or chaos, and through that chaos cycles inevitably form, so I believe in something akin to reincarnation, as well as the fact we are all expressions of the one true energy, or God, of the universe, experiencing and observing itself differently in order to validate the reality and superficiality of existence.


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whenever I think about this concept, it seems like my body's survival instincts activate and I start to panic. Usually, this happens when I try to visualize and understand the "nothing" that comes after death.
You're trying to make coffee in the toaster. Stop it.

But if you insist on or can't help doing it, realize that it's normal to recoil at the thought of nonexistence because as you say, it's your ingrained survival instincts doing what they're good at. Try to observe this reaction as a disconnected 3rd party. Watch the drama unfold and then recognize it for what it is. That might help.

Or just drink. That helps too.


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You don't
If there is an afterlife I'll humbly admit to whatever entity that controls it I was wrong about there not being anything, but until then why bother? Death isn't matter of if, it's when

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