How has your taste in Lolcows changed over time? -

K. V. Bones

I used to prefer a politically charged lolcow but I've grown a fondness for the utterly bizarre lolcows we still have no idea how to explain because if sjwcows are the standard puzzle pieces, those cows are the jigsaw.


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Started from Tumblrcows/Artcows due to reasons, now getting my foot into the Animal Control and Internet Bouncy Castle cows. I just like laughing at the sheer insanity of the drama going on for the cows I follow and the occasional utter cluelessness of basic human decency.


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It hasn't changed much. I did delve into the Waifuism rabbithole a few months back.

Its a nice balance between Delusion and Degeneracy.

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I've become more interested in some of the purely dramatic cows. Originally I only really cared about deathfats, braindead kids, munchies and such. Over time I think I've started to appreciate the real weirdness of the less gaudy types.

I still wish I could just see horrorcow tag again. It's really why I come here. For the worst of it.
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Almost none of them held my interest for very long and I became more interested in A&H overall. Most of the lolcows I paid close attention to were the rage inducing and stomach churning ones, with one exception being Iconoclast, right up until the thread had to start barrel scrapping for data on him. It's usually when threads start cycling over the same information over and over that I lose interest. The horrorcow threads just generate burnout after a certain point, like WhiteKitten or Shadling.


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I came here for artcows and I'm still here for artcows, but I do find myself browsing Animal Control a lot more nowadays mostly because furries tend to overlap with artcows. A lot of the degeneracy from furries is expressed through the art they produce so I'm not surprised.
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I used to get caremad about furry animal abusers but when shit stops being something to gawk at and starts actually making you sick and upset it's time to step back and quit moralfagging for your own sanity. So now I chill in the BP. Sorry for actual serious response but to anyone else whose prone to being a bleeding heart moralfag: don't
So THAT'S where you've gone.
I don't blame you.
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I quickly soured on the SJW and troon lolcows. They're all pretty much interchangeable.

MovieBlob was amusing for awhile. Then he just became repetitive and predictable. I suppose he's sort of an apotheosis of the aging, shut-in, pompous consoomer fatbeard, but ultimately there's nothing really entertaining about his act after you've followed his Tweets for a week or two.

Like several other posters above, I like the genuine loonies and eccentrics --especially if they regularly produce KF-induced milk. Bob "the Slob" McKim is a good example of one of these.

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I came here for loons like Chris Chan, but my interests have generally shifted over to careercows over time. Watching people get in the way of their own success never ceases to entertain me. In regards to my overall preferences, I'd take stupid over crazy.

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I used to read up on all the horror cows, but I started distancing myself because I'd end up MOTI and I didn't want to become that guy.

Deathfats never really interested me

Schizocows are fun to read on, but I rarely post on those.

I mostly just follow your standard cows who act like dipshits now (Chris, Channel Autism, Movieblob, DSP) much more fun to just point and laugh at their antics


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Honestly I found most lolcows to be funny for their silly goose antics and ive recently come to a conclusion that if a cow isn't hurting anyone and their just having a good time doing what their doing, then good for them.

Unless your just fucking retarded and don't think the dumbass thing your doing is not hurting anyone. Like the shitty and disgusting cooks like Jack.