How have the farms changed you? -

That everything on the internet is there forever, and anyone is able to dig up stuff on me in the future. So, don’t share intimate aspects of your life on the internet and try not to be an exceptional individual.

I am now able to laugh at anything. Maybe I’m not allowed to laugh about certain things outside this site, but it’s nice that I can share my views here without being attacked. The users here don’t have bad intentions, the worst you’ll get if you say something stupid here is a few ratings or someone calling you an autist.

Also taught me to take myself less seriously. If I fuck up and a few people laugh at me, so what? At least I’m not worthy of having a thread made of me here. That means I’m doing okay.


Avatar of Change
"Don't post anything on the internet you don't want someone in HR to read at your next review"
--Kiwi Farms

Nothing drives this point home than seeing something I posted come up as "TMI" without prefacing it as a "PowerLeveling" event. Then I know I done fucked up and repercussions will never be the same and to take that shit down quick-like.

Also not to be ashamed or offended of words for they have only as much power as you give them with the sheer volume of shitposting on here is a delight to see.

Finally, some quality (and horrifying) reading material that was rather enlightening. There are nuggets of genius on this board, you just have to wade through a mountain of shit to find them.