How have the farms changed you? -


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If I can update my status here...

That I need to do more with my life, but also be able to laugh at my shortcomings, improve on them, and not fear the unknown when it comes to making significant leaps towards the career I actually want (something IT related, getting better at cooking is just a hobby for me.).


At least my third leg is still working.
The change has come in mix between keep acquiring more knowledge (learn more overall) and stop sperging online. I've been seeing a lot of folks on here lose their cool and flip out and launch the neg ratings, forgeting that their just KF Gym Badges at this point. That aside, I don't sperg here, so I hope that I can follow suit irl.

The most significant thing is not a change, but a reaffirmation. The Farms keeps confirming that there's always something/one to laugh at or with (you lovelies!). Thanks!
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It gave me a little bit of hope because of how we all ban together to call out pedos, get elderly abusers arrested, etc. Also I’ve learned some new recipes and might actually lose some weight bc of hamber.
And I finally have a place where I can express my feelings without being censored.

The downside: too many dicks and too many fucked up furries. Also MandaTee nudes, no one needed them.


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I feel more aware of how easily e fame can fuck up what appear to be good reasonable content creators. Which in turn made me appreciate the ones who stay out of or at least mitigate online drama.

Also helped me appreciate that both sides of the culture war are retarded and the only winners are the ones who refuse to participate.
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The Farms have actually, somehow, made me a better person. I've made a clean break from the troon commune, I've broadened my viewpoints, and I've become more of a listener and critical thinker when it comes to the big issues we have in society today. I genuinely feel as if most of the people I really read into here on the Farms, I learn something from them. Above all, I have a community here that isn't a fucking hugbox, but is still pretty supportive of one another when the chips are down. Overall, it's a nice place to just escape from the real world for a few hours and laugh at retards.


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The Farms helped me realize I might be eccentric, but I am still pretty normal compared to the people who have threads here. I was able to hold a normal conversation with a cute girl the other day and she was invested in it. Kind of an awkward silent ending but it was a nice conversation overall where I didn't powerlevel.
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I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
It helped me not take every facet of the Internet in such a serious manner.

Eloquent shitposting.
Allowed me to apply year's of lurking on Imageboards watching YouTube lurking on deviantart to use.

Every person has their own cycle similar to certain lolcows.
Taught me how to differentiate between an alog a fail troll a lolcow dramacow schizocow and careercow.
I learned to love the savagery of the beauty parlour.

Last on a serious note zoophiles.


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This will be really gay, but it has helped me become a genuinely happier person somehow. And less autistic.
I’m serious. For some reason, just having a place where you can post what you actually think and engage in conversation has helped me not be such a sad retard.
But mostly, being here and seeing how many different types of people are here has helped me feel more comfortable with who I am and what I think about things.
I don’t know how, but it feels like seeing how many different people are here has helped me feel better about liking guys while not ‘fitting in’ with the SJW/Reddit/Far-Left idea of faggotry. It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s the idea of “you’re this, so you must think that” or else you’re just some faker or traitor or something.
But just hanging out here has kind of helped me not care much about that anymore, because at the end of the day we’re all just retards vibing and making fun of other retards. And that the trap of feeling obligated to be a certain way just because of some part of you is exactly the wrong way to live life.
Yeah, that was pretty gay.
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I’m a lot more aware of the difference between TMI and Autistic. If anything, it’s made me think more critically instead of just randomly being Mad at The Internet.

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My entire perception of how being a internet celebrity...
9 years ago, i became a celebrity in a local disqus community; a "older" basically. I uploaded a criticism video 4 years in my YT channel (removed for high autistic local language explaining but not specifically hate speech). I never understand how they reached that video, and the aftermath of that was soft; only image memes about my face, nothing more. Not likely other spergs in my country nowadays. Since then, i don't make videos about that thematic, only audio portions or edited ones.
KF proves finally the real being a lolcow, and thanks for that; i will never being emmit commentaries in social media (this point is debatable, since i hate social media in general) or trying to get famous without real proof (and this, is a WIP... if it works).

Positive: My research skills have been sharpened.
Negative: I am able to imagine someone having a fetish for anything. A coffee mug could be someone's fetish.
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To an extent it reinforced my independent views more.
I live in a very blue state, so ive been used to bending over in order to offend anyone, or take a stance if it would be inconvenient.
For better or worse, that's over now.
And I'm going to do my best to stay on my feet in the face of possible adversity.
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Meanie internet culture has taught me how to shut my mouth, crack down on online privacy, and don't sperg. I sperged a fuck ton when I first made my account but I have learned my lesson. Occasionally the autism breaks free but I've gotten way better at holding my tongue and picking my battles.

Thanks KF