How have the farms changed you? -

Dr. Boe Jangles Esq.

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What I learned:
Everyone is either deranged or an asshole, the only thing more irritating than crazy fucks are the people who want to be crazy fucks, some people really do use the word "waifu" unironically, the universe is a shithole, the internet is an amusement park, fandoms are bullshit and FATAL is a terrible game.
Also, Kiwis are simultaneously the best and worst people on the internet.


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Kiwi Farms helped me get my groove back.

No, but seriously, Kiwi Farms kept me laughing and helped me realize that I can be a lolcow if I don't keep myself in check. I also love the community and how...balanced it can be. You can get better insight here more than say, tumblr or DeviantART.


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The Farms have changed me - in so many ways! (And all for the better, I might add...)

Thanks to Kiwi Farms, I have:

become less of a bleeding heart
more self-critical
less inclined to suffer fools gladly
learned the most useful word in the English language - "sperg"
come to realize there is much more autism in the world than I ever dreamed possible
got all sorts of inspiration for my own "creative" endeavours
made some awesome friends

...and my dreams are much more interesting/disturbing.

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Thanks to the Kiwi Farms, I have finally reached Super-Autist level 4.

In other words:
  • I am no longer a bleeding-heart liberal.
  • I have learnt to mock Social Justice Warriors
  • I have learnt to laugh at Conservative nut-jobs
  • I have learnt to appreciate my glorious testicles. May God/Allah/Kevin Bacon never take them from me, nor any medical professional.
  • I am thinking of growing a moustache.

    Thank you KiwiFarms!


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My dreams have been more about the farms.
I also have been thinking about what to post in advance (coming from me, that's crazy!)

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KF turned me into the cynical bastard I am today.

Wait, I already was a cynical bastard. KF just gave me far more reasons to remain one.


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Kiwi Farms helped me learn exactly how atrocious people can be. I mean the lolcows. The they're more often than not great people within the community. I met amazing people here.

AndI like how no one bats an eye at some of my sick humor. If anything, you guys have shown me sicker humor. I thank you for that.


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Kiwi farms made me realize how the weirdest of people are obsessed with the most minute of details, be it characters or otherwise.
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Kiwi Farms also taught me how a lot of YouTube drama can be really self-serving and over the most petty shit. A lot of it can be fun but there's crap that you have to sift through to get to the really funny content which can make specific kinds of threads more of a challenge than others.

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I haven't been here long, but I've already become less butthurt about things, because I've realized that comments and such are just that, and I don't have to make a big deal about it.