How have the farms changed you? -

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I Love Beef

Been mired in the insanity of the internet long and long before I came here.

I like that there are other souls who have also wandered and seen madness.

Feels good to be around people and to know there are others like me. You restored my humanity Kiwi Farms. Thank you.

Slimy Time

Rape Face #5, I think...
Been very informative about lolcows. Now have endless entertainment laughing at idiots.

In terms of changing me, nothing much. 4 and 8 did more than here. Probably became more pro freedom of information here than I was before, especially given the constant lol suits and NZ government bs.

This place is generally better though than other sites , you can have a decent discussion and more or less speak freely without worrying about being banned like other places, or being constantly called a faggot and being shit posted by chantards.
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MG 620

Next time I'm at the hairdresser I'm going for the Terra Jones look.


A fluorescent African American government worker
I'm a criminal in new zealand now, and I haven't even gotten my transgender murder merit badge yet or anything!
You get the badge when you misgender or deadname a tranny. After all it is "literally murder".

Duke Nukem

Leader of the Anti-Chad Extermination Squad
I'm wanted for crimes against the Head Censor's Office in New Zealand, and I'm pleased that I can discuss world events without constantly having to deal with mods who ban people even a hair to the right of Chairman Mao. I'm looking at you IGN forums, stop acting like you don't have a bias.