How have the farms changed you? -


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It made me grow up, develop meaningful hobbies and at least attempt to put myself in more social situations despite how awkward they can be. I only really want an account here, not to end up here. I just want a fucking normal life with a wife and 4 kids and the means to provide for them along with friends to talk to, despite the fact that I have a twisted sense of humor and have seen things ranging from gore and straight up degeneracy. I realized that the problem with most of these lolcows is that they stopped growing up early and they are stuck in this autistic version of hell, where they create most of their problems and basically force the solutions away via their actions. It’s kinda sad and fucking hilarious at the same time. I’m at least smart enough to know that isn’t good and the only way to avoid that is doing things you may be uncomfortable with, but ultimately good for you. It sounds kinda tay tbqh, but that’s my two cents for what it’s worth.
Tl;dr: It taught me the importance of change when you grow up and how to “grow with the flow”.


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Only thing changed for me was my experience learning that Western Animation reviewers are pretty spurgy but I'm glad I mentally scarred co-workers due to the Kero the Wolf incident.

Its just nice to be able make an argument using proper terms like faggotry, faggy, and magnets, again. Those words exist for a reason.


Angrier, way less social. Super edgy. Pissed off about trivial shit. Even more sexually repressed. But occasionally laughed really fucking hard, then wen't straight back to misery.
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I realized social media holds no substance if even a place built upon as idiotic and hateful a foundation as KF can make lengthy posts about trannies acting dumb seem worthwhile.
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It’s restored some faith that not everyone is a soc jus idiot. Sometimes you do wonder if you’re alone in thinking something then the farms provides some sanity and humour.

It’s reinforced my view that laughing at stuff is far more powerful than getting annoyed at it. Being able to take the piss is something we don’t value enough and the current po- faced puritans trying to ban everything need to be roundly mocked as we resist them.

I’ve also laughed so hard at the Greta/ la Zorra thread I needed to go and wee. That and the munchies are just fantastic.

There are some great posters on here - truly every day is an education on the farms.

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I haven't been here long, and this will sound gay, but what can you do? The farms have given me hope, strangely enough. Hope that, even though my life may not be the best, it could be a helluva lot worse, and things will keep going up. I've also been given hope that traditional forums can survive in a world of Reddit, Trannyville Twitter, and the like.

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I am now genuinely terrified of humanity, and it has heavily reinforced my intention of homeschooling my children and teaching them proper weapon maintenance, usage, and wilderness survival.
Aside from my rampant paranoia, which existed before me posting here, I have a deeper knowledge and appreciation of human behavior.

Side note: Like what was stated above, being able to avoid the social justice plagued parts of the internet and engage in meaningful discussion is just fucking fantastic.