How have the farms changed you? -


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I'll try not to powerlevel too much but I'll say that joining the farms has made things that were once extremely important to me quite insignificant. That's a positive thing in my opinion. I also find myself enjoying life a little more too.

It amazes me that a place that makes fun of gross 'spergs, hambeasts, manchildren and transtrenders has helped changed my perspective on life.
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An annoying person who moves in the same social media circles I do did a typically annoying thing. Instead of shaking my head and moving on, I blurted "Oh, neck yourself, you sped" out loud, requiring me to explain the definitions of two words to my roommate.
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He don't
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I'm much more likely to call someone a nigger-loving faggot when they cut me off in morning traffic.

God, that's cathartic.


About to be really gay, but...

I have a place where I can openly vent and speak my mind without being condemned for it. At worst, I get called an autist (fair) and a faggot (true). It's nice to have a place to just unload and enjoy the retardation.

Also I say 'exceptional' a lot now. 'Neck yourself' was already common for me, but man.

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I'm pretty sure I can clinically diagnose autism now.

It's also made me more conscious of powerleveling irl and has helped me be a bit more socially acceptable as far as conversation topics go, like politics. I probably use KF as a place to vent and share ideas without fear of permanent social damage and a place to talk about some interests that I don't share with anyone I know offline.

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As others have said, I take great delight in using the term "Exceptional Individual" as often as possible.

It is also a lot of fun to be witnessing the change in attitudes my friends and colleagues have when discussing and introducing them to Lolcows , and to see their initial, dismissive "uh-hm" turn into a flat out eagerness to learn more about them.

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It's made me a much happier person, oddly enough. Anywhere else I go to be a sarcastic smart ass type would ban me, but I won't get banned for my dumb one liners here or any too soon jokes!

It's also given me a place where I can lay out and look at others thoughts with some actual interaction that's more civil (oddly) than a lot of other places on the web.

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It made me more aware on how depraved human beings can become, and it also made me more emotionless to certain things.


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It's also given me a place where I can lay out and look at others thoughts with some actual interaction that's more civil (oddly) than a lot of other places on the web.
Yeah overall it’s definitely much more civil here than other online communities. It's also cathartic to be able to freely express an opinion. Maybe it's the format of the forums, but it seems more conducive to nuanced discussion than a platform like Reddit. And oddly, it makes me feel a bit more optimistic about the world to know that there are still some sane, reasonable, decent people around. I know this site often gets maligned, but I legit cried when I read the thread about Elizabeth Waite's suicide. It was really touching to see Kiwis rally their support for Elizabeth's widow and son with the GoFundMe campaign.

I came to the farms via r/drama, and I'm definitely laughing a lot more these days. Between all the funny bantz here, Jersh's streams, the Yaniv saga, and discovering new lolcows like Chantal Sarault, I'd say my overall mood is better!
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