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My first encounter with the Amberland universe was around Oct 2016.

Around that time, my daughter who had turn 18 in August and was living with her father, my soon-to-be-ex-husband Jerry. (We finally divorced in April 2018. For my daughter's sake we agreed to wait until she turned 18 so not to fight over child custody) Jerry and I were trying to remain on good terms for the sake of our daughter. My daughter received a car from Jerry for her birthday. I warned against getting her a car because at the time my daughter had no source of income. (She got a job one week later at the same place Becky worked. That is a whole other story) He reassured me that the car was a gift and that he would pay for it. (This is important later)
Jerry and my daughter had always been close until less than a month later in Sept 2016, a woman named Norma entered "our" lives. Norma moved in with Jerry and my daughter very soon after and by Oct 2016, I received a call that Jerry and Norma had thrown her out and that I need to come get her NOW! (My daughter had lived happily with Jerry for almost 2 years, I hated not having her live with me but I allowed her to move in with him to make her happy. Ah, what people do for their kids.) Their reason for throwing out my daughter was because she is gay. And they didn't want her girlfriend and her to do vile and disgusting things in Jerry's and Norma's house while they were at work. (To this day, my husband refuses to see or talk to my daughter until 1) she apologizes to Norma for being disrespectful and not obeying whatever Norma says to do and 2) Stop "throwing" in their faces her unnatural, disturbing and disgusting lifestyle. 3) Norma will decide when Jerry can spend time with my daughter and Norma MUST be there. Sadly, the last contact she has had with him was just before Christmas.) Side note: Strange how they will buddy up or demand things from Amberlynn who has money. But completely abandon Jerry's own daughter. The lust for and greed for money is another story. Jerry has always been about the money and he finally met his equal in Norma.)

Seeing Norma for the first time...
A week after Jerry and Norma threw her out, I had made arrangements to go get the last of my daughter's things. (They had immediately changed the locks) We showed up at the arranged time and waited for over two hours, texting back and forth about where he was at the time. (He wouldn't answer his phone.) The texts were "Norma wanted to go out to eat." "Norma has to wait for her daughters." "Norma has to get something from Walmart." Past the 3 hour mark, I told Jerry to pick up the damn phone. He did. I explained to him that if he wasn't at his house in 15 mins I would contact the Sheriff's department as he was in illegal possession of mine and my daughter's property. (I had given her a large window A/C and electric heater.) As I had contacted the Sherriff's department prior to the mutually agreed appointed time. Honestly, I was really keyed up and waiting for a major blow-up between Jerry, Norma and myself. And was trying to cover my six by contacting the Sherrif's department ahead of time. Norma in the short time that she had any influence in my daughter's life resorted to her old favorite a cruel and vicious FaceBook blitz on my daughter. Jerry's side of my daughter's family was on and still on Norma's friend's list. In real-time, she had cussed, screamed at, physically threatened and tried to bully my daughter into submission. The whole time I was wondering what kind of crazy was Jerry bringing into our lives. How could he allow my daughter to be treated that way by anyone and at times joined in with Norma in total agreement of the things Norma spouted with vile contempt. So yeah, I notified the Sherrif's department ahead of schedule.

He showed up 20 mins later alone. My daughter waited in the car while I went inside and got her stuff. My daughter was confused and heartbroken. She wanted nothing to do with him. Inside his trailer, we were getting my A/C (which was already caulked and screwed in the window and offered a cheap, broken A/C to replace it. I demand my A/C so he cut it out of the window) and my daughter's things. When we heard a car peeling into the driveway and sliding to a stop on the gravel. With fear in his eyes, Jerry looked at me and instantly pleaded with me to leave and come back tomorrow. Thinking about how upset my daughter was, and how enraged with NormaI I was, I said fine but he had better be there at such and such time. I walked out of the trailer and headed to my car. Before I reached my car, I saw Norma stomping like a child throwing a fit racing towards the trailer. Then I heard the screech of a rabid banshee laying into Jerry with such force about the A/C, as I looked back, I thought for a second that the tied down trailer was shaking violently. I admit that I smiled for a brief second enjoying Jerry reaping the chaos he had brought into my daughter's life. Turning back around towards the car the sight of my daughter trembling and sobbing slapped me in the face as my emotions switched between heartbreak for her and wrath toward the two inside the trailer. For my daughter's sake, we left.
The next day, we returned. Jerry was waiting on the porch standing next to all my daughter's things including her bed. It had rained and anything not just thrown in a trash bag was soaking wet. My daughter was furious (Who would blame her?) Then right in front of me, she and Jerry got into a violent verbal argument, with Norma egging him on from inside the trailer. Honestly, I was kind of in shock. They had fought before normal father and daughter stuff. But this was a whole new level of intense. He curled his fists up and I thought he was going to hit her. I stepped in between them and asked Jerry what the f**k was his problem and that he had better back the f**k down. And a few other choice words about how he was treating her etc. I told my daughter to go back to the truck and for him to get the f**k out of my face and go inside. My GF and I finished loading the truck.

(The time that my daughter lived with me she had shown me texts from Becky. Becky's very first text was about Norma throwing her out when Becky was 15 because Becky was gay, and if my daughter wanted to go out sometime basically it was several awkward attempts via text for my daughter to date her. They worked together also. At first, it was okay for my daughter at work but things got worse and worse as time went on. Becky showed her true colors) Also the harassing phone calls from Jerry...he wanted "his" car back (the one he got for my daughter's birthday because "Norma didn't think she deserves it and she wasn't going to pay for a car that my daughter got before Jerry and Norma got together") The threats got so bad and intense that I filed and got a DVO on Jerry and his known associates in Feb 2017. I don't know if anyone wants the reason that I had for believing him when he threated my life and why I said he shouldn't have gotten his Navy retirement (FYI: I can back of the reason why with proof) Jerry took us it court to get the car back from my daughter. The judge told him to leave the car alone until the divorce was agreed upon. (A divorce that he dragged out for a year until the DVO was over) Nope, Jerry couldn't do that he had new keys made and took it back from my daughter's work parking lot. Leaving her without a car. Then demanded money from my daughter to pay for the new keys he had made. When she refused Jerry filed a DVO against my daughter as revenge. The judge firmly rebuked Jerry for wasting the court time and threw the case out.
(Personal thoughts: I know that this is very long and I haven't really gotten into Amberlynn. Honestly, I have never met Amberlynn but I did see once. Sorry if that isn't what people are looking for here. However, knowing Becky's and Norma's true colors I have knowledge about. I know the real reason Becky quit her job. Remember my daughter worked the same shift as Becky and it's a small town. Becky didn't quit her job because she hurt her leg she went back to work. Becky didn't quit because of online haters (Becky with her friends tormented, harassed and verbally attacked my daughter about something that happened with my daughter and another of Jerry's lies to my daughter's work about my daughter. I wonder if that is where the haters come from in Amber and Becky's mind?) How did she quit and why? Becky said that she had gotten another better job.
Also, when Becky and Amber were first together Becky texted (which I saw the text) my daughter and said that someone in Becky's family said that Becky and my daughter should be a couple so they could all be one big happy family. I was very surprised by this and threw up in my mouth a little. I wondered if it was true or it came all from Becky.

These are a few examples of the type of people that are attracted by and who ALR surrounds herself. IMO Norma is also a lolcow scamming people on the internet. All Norma cares about is what people can give her or do for her. Same as Becky and ALR.

Final thought: Shouldn't Norma's church be helping her. It's Kentucky the churches feed off doing that here. It's their life's blood.

Edit: Changed the year of our divorce.
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At first I wasn't sure, but she definitely seems the type to have debilitating

Also the type to force her autistic gay daughter to stay in an abusive relationship with a white trash wealthy whale.

I'm sorry for what your daughter has had to experience. I'm curious to hear more about those interactions, for sure.

E: I mean Becky. It sounds like you've had more interactions with her and that she's fronting in the Al-verse, like we've suspected.


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Holy shit I'm not reading that.
Well I did! Turns out becky and her family are not nice people, as lots of people have guessed on here previously.

How did she quit and why? Becky said that she had gotten another better job.

wiping amberlynn's butt and getting her reeses cups is "a better job" in becky's mind I guess :story:
'Also, when Becky and Amber were first together Becky texted (which I saw the text) my daughter and said that someone in Becky's family said that Becky and my daughter should be a couple so they could all be one big happy family."

Tell us again, Becky, how you can't stand country bumpkin stereotypes.