How i Told My Brother About Christian Weston Chandler - Well i have finally told my brother who he is i thought i share what i wrote on my brothers messengr

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What do u think about this sum up of chris life


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  • Its alright but there always is more with him

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May 24, 2016
do u know chris chan or christian weston chandler or christine he is the worse thing and best thing on the internet hes autistic so he says. made videos over 10 years now lives with his parents (parent cuz his dad died) has lego worth over (10.000 dollars maybe a bit less) i think and he spend his dad retirement money on a lawsuit he used to hate gays and now hes a lesbian woman trapped inside a mans body now he spends his time on youtube doing donate to me please videos while if u look behind him he got a Domo plush toy and loads of fucking lego all of that stuff must be worth atleast 500 Dollars and now he was doing a live stream playing uncharted drakes fortune and his hand and eye reflexes are shit not using cover but he seems to keep farting and burping and i thought this is a secret of mine iv been watching this pathetic scrub for atleast a year now and god damn hes horibble fucking a shame to other autist cuz hes famous hes gonna fucking make the good ones look bad i mean jesus christ this guys a train wreck he humped his ps3 becuz he was hacked instead of calling support he done what the hackers said and i honestly think u should look at it once not to much dont get sucked in my brother


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Dec 20, 2014
This is beautiful garbage, good work.
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