How it went at thr fbi today

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are you some sort of mexican?
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Feb 5, 2019
if you thought your phone was hacked, why would you use that phone to call the FBI? 1620088978530.png


I'm sorry. It had to be this way.
Aug 13, 2018
So far I've watched three minutes of Tom being on hold and coughing up his lungs again.

How can someone get to be so old and be such an internet expert and yet have no clue when it comes to editing down to just the point of your video?

Skip to 4:35 for the actual call

He's reporting people for, among other things, "drug trafficking", as he smokes a joint while on the phone with the Feds.
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Oct 22, 2018
Wherein Tom pretends he does anything besides shit himself.
LOL he really walked into the field office this time as he threatened over at AMB.
His hands are filthy
Always are. He is a dirty old man in more ways than just a perverted child raping dog molesting perversions.
The FBI must have an entire gag (figurative and literal) reel of tom calls. Rock paper scissors on who gets to deal with him when he calls in
they do and an electronic dart board with Thomas's face on it and when hit it goes through a list of toms famous sayings.


Don't call me sir.

They call me pedophile dog fucker. and so many more classics.

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Jul 7, 2020
Thing Tommy will never realize #578: He's being trolled. Thing Tommy will never realized #3194: The FBI literally trains the people who answer their phones in how to deal with nutcases. One of the few moments or realization that he's ever had is when he's angrily accused law enforcement agents on the other end of the phone of "tard wrangling" him. I love how not only is he so stupid that he's failed to realize these things over the course of decades but that it feeds into his belief that he's a rebel genius peeling away at the layers of a conspiracy.