How it went at thr fbi today -

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"Yes, officer, she is 10 and I was fully aware at the time. But you see, I follow anchuent Cherokian standards, which assert that it's totally not pedo if she's older than 3."


"yeah, she's a minor. But I see nothing wrong with that."

This is why I like you, Tommie. You always come up with the worst possible defenses for your history of molestation. A normal predator would deny he raped a minor, and go to his grave still denying it. "It's not true! I never touched her! Iranian superhackers employed by the Hoffman Group forged all the evidence you see online!"

It takes a special blend of retardation and sociopathy to say "yeah, I molested a middle schooler, but I don't feel guilty about it" and think that clears up the pedo accusation. You really are one of a kind.
And then his attempt to backpedal by claiming it was “erotic fiction.” “No, officer, it wasn’t the way I described it, I just wrote it like that because the thought of molesting children is a turn-on! But I did still molest her.”

It’s not even difficult to come up with an exonerating lie. He could have said, “I had no idea she was underage when it happened, she looked and acted much older. I was mortified when I found out and broke things off immediately.” Unfortunately, he’s gone too far with the original story.

I think the reason he can’t bring himself to deny it is because secretly, the filthy old wretch is still proud of it. He’s always been ugly and had a shitty personality, so that’s probably the highlight of his sex life.

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"I don't want to diddle kids I just want the age of consent to be 14" 14 year olds are still children, like it or not pedo.

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What fucking child love preaching? I just happen to be more in agreement with European and Asian standards that set the age of consent between fourteen and sixteen is all. no female under 14 is emotionally mature enough to be getting intimate with even a boy her age and by the time they're 16, they are too mature to be treated like children and should be allowed some, if not all, adult rights. i see nothing wrong with an adult male who is no more than twice the minor's age in a relationship with them, s[ don't be projecting any your pedophile hunter delusions into that, bucko.

There was no point going to the FBI in person because they weren't going to accept any foreign media.

the computer intrusion, i have hard evidence for . All I have for the drug trafficking and murder are screencaps from AMB and

lol another unqualified wrong diagnosis from an internet idiot. Those fingers aren't clubbed, derp. i work with stone and my hands are always torn up.
That is what you do pedophile.... you have talked about lowering the age of consent for years old man pervy. You have done so several times And on video. Not to mention all the butt hurt videos. LOL still laugh at that first one you did on me. 6 hours of butt hurt sperg. You are an ass clown, a pedophile and dog fucker.

You are a joke beyond jokes. and no one has hacked you fuck nut. YOUR PERVERTED CHILD RAPE VIDEO HUNT has brought to a virus more than likely.

And there is no point going or calling the FBI for you they already know you are a joke you ree. Do get it was the FBI that called TPD the first time you tried to get me locked up or thrown in the nut house and what did you get for it?

8 days in shady acres psychiatric hospital for the mentally fucked in the head hard cases.
Wasn’t Sabrina 13 when you met her?
10 actually and she was 13 when he did his dirty deed if you go back to the first story at AMB 10 years ago. But the age climbed from almost 14 to almost 16 over the time of back peddling.

Tom can not admit the truth he is a pedophile dog fucker.

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@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

come and fight me in person

3764 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

3764 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

3764 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

bring a gun faggot
LOL can you imagine tom with a gun? It would be like Monty Python's Twit Olympics

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"I don't want to diddle kids I just want the age of consent to be 14" 14 year olds are still children, like it or not pedo.
Don't forget that he wanted to also allow for sub-14 year olds to potentially be legal as well in cases of "precocious puberty", which doesn't fucking exist, and when called on it he insisted that it was to protect vulnerable weak men from the clutches of super seductive sexy children

Fuck that sentence in particular, god I hated writing that shit, fuck you Thomas you precocious pedophile puke


a degenerate autistic furry who posts dumb shit


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Seeing tom’s house and just entire situation is the best therapy, it lets me appreciate what I have and what life could be like if you become a pedo dogfucker like him, thank you tom for helping me appreciate my life better.

Wherein Tom pretends he does anything besides shit himself.

Tommie, why do you post these videos? Sincere question. I thought maybe you monetized them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Recording laws also vary by state, and you've potentially violated them in the past. You reveal a lot of personal information in these videos. Over the years I've heard your address, phone number, full name, family member private information, and even your social security number, to name a few. If you feel as though you've been targeted your whole life, it seems odd to just give this information freely and leave it available for any random person to find.

Why do you interrupt and talk over everyone? The lady in this video kept trying to speak and you would interrupt her and shout her down. The phone call would have been resolved much faster if you'd allowed her to speak. You seem insistent on giving her information that she can do nothing with. I've also noticed that you usually end these calls with a threat to "bring this to the court" but that hasn't happened in all these years. I don't believe you'd have a case either, given the laws in the US. If you did, I think a lawyer would have offered to take your case pro bono by now, simply for the publicity.

Have you ever thought that maybe the Hoffman whatever is just people trolling you and maybe they don't actually exist or do anything illegal? I'm curious, what do you think would happen if you got offline?

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