How long did you lurk on before you registered an account? -

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It took me nearly a year and a half before I registered an account, and came to the conclusion "Fucking hell, I might as well actively comment rather than just read kiwifarms on the bog or before bed"?

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I lurked from just before the transition to Kiwi from CWCki to when I made my account

I registered in 2011 when we were still called CWCki forums and were hosted on Yuku.

EDIT: Oh and to answer the question, I think I lurked for several weeks/about a month.


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I lurked for a few months. Wanting to rate other people's comments lead me to create an account. It's were my custom title comes from.
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On and off for a year and a half back when this place was still the CWCki Forums.


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Around 2011 or more likely 2012 (Back when the forum existed solely on Chris, before the forum was taken down because of some sort of drama). I only lurked for a few minutes before deciding to use some pre-made account from BugMeNot. After that account was banned, I just decided to actually make an account.


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first looked at December last year, only really started lurking in march this year


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I lurked for a year or so before I registered. Started lurking when I was still the cwiki forums. My only regret is not following Deagle Nation when It was going on.


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I first discovered this site when googling stuff about Deagle Nation. It was when Tupacalypse was just starting, so mid-2014. I stayed here because it was the most well-organized and updated place to get DN info. Eventually I made an account primarily because I wanted to read attachments. About a month later, I started posting, and I've been here for about a year. Normally I would have left after DN, but ADF and the community make me stay.


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I discovered the CWCki and CWCki Forums in Spring 2013. Lurked for about a month, then registered. Previously, I'd lurked 4Chan and EDF, but it was CWCki Forums/Kiwi Farms that made me decide to get in touch with my inner sperg...


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No more than a day or two. I was pretty immediately interested in what was going on here and wanted to be an active part.