How long did you lurk on before you registered an account? -


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It's hard to remember. I think it may have been a week or two, and even then I never commented until June.


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I've had my account since October 2014 (forgot why I made it), and started using it in August 2015 only for the StrikerWolf1 stuff until I made the PAB thread a month later.


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Lurked since the old Yuku days. Lurked more and more and finally joined the Kiwiians at Prime Jace Levels after realizing my need to see attachments and rate posts.


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I actually registered an account soon after discovering the Farms because I wanted to be able to rate posts. I was only planning on lurking but then @Dynastia noticed me spam-rating his posts (as I was going through the infamous Golden Knight thread) and struck up a conversation; he ended up convincing me to start posting, which I did about a week after I registered. I've never looked back :heart-full:


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I lurked on the CWCki for months before finally joining the CWCki Forums. I'm too lazy to even look up when I joined, but it was shortly before Deagle Nation.


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I lurked for about six months then created an account to hop on board the shane(r) train.

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It's tough to put a number on the length of time between starting to lurk and forming an account. I've known about the CWCki Forums for years but just posted on /cwc/ from about late 2009 until 789chan closed. I lurked the forums for a while from 2012-ish on but fell for the idea that CF couldn't begin to touch /cwc/'s deep discussion of lolcows. That community started going to shit around the time of the transition from /cwc/ to /cow/ and I started reading the CWCki Forums exclusively when /cow/ moved to I finally broke down and made an account after the GameStop incident.
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I lurked on and off here for about a year before finally making an account. I hadn't planned on really posting much or anything, just more actively lurking. But i kinda failed at that last part. :oops:


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About a month. I wanted to see attachments. :oops:

Edit: I forgot! And I joined so I could comment on Trickie and _blank_'s sonichu comics. Love 'em.

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I've lurked on and off since the start of the liquid saga, if I remember correctly. I knew about Chris before that though... My procrastination "skills" know no bounds, it seems, hahaha!

About six minutes. Because I needed a place which would educate me on the intricacies of people like "Stefonknee". I live in a very small box and it is nice, but sometimes the mice nibble on our toes.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about the diversity of our theoretical society.

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I read the forums for about 4 months or so until I finally saw something I had new information to contribute to and made an account

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