How long did you lurk on before you registered an account? -


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A long ass while.

Finally decided it couldn't hurt to register after I'd lurked for a year.


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I don't know when I found the CWCki (it was well before the forums), but I started reading the forums in early 2014 around the time Glaive got kicked out of Wizardchan. I was always paranoid about joining, so it took a while.


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I am only a few days old. It is lovely here. I think I only lurked for a week before making an account but hopefully a week is long enough that I've not revealed my (true form) as a massive arse.

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As a couple people mentioned before I generally lurked the CWCki forums on and off for a couple years (I think give or take a few months) but once Kiwi became a thing I ended up making an account just to see attachments. Now I actually post once and a while so hooray for progress or something.

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Two damn days. I love anything that makes fun of Tumblr stupidity, and when I discovered earlier this week that there's a whole WEBSITE dedicated to laughing at those dumbasses...hoo boy. I love this place already.


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I lurked for about half a year, really. I only started when I noticed someone reference Astrima (TRiPPY) and felt obliged to respond.

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