How long did you lurk on before you registered an account? -


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Many, many years. Been following OPL for... jesus, almost nine years. That's weird to realize. It was his initial conflict with ED that first brought him to my attention.

...but only when I found the thread on Lindsay here last year did I feel motivated to make an account and weigh in.
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Johnny Bravo

I didn't lurk on Kiwi Farms - I lurked on the ol' CWCiki forum. It's hard to remember but... eh, couple of days? Ya'll seemed pretty chill.

On Probably three or four months. I didn't really check in much on Chris-chan, but I knew enough about him thanks to the CWCki. I was more concerned with some other lolcows that disgust me and had to comment on. And so, here I am.

I've never really stopped lurking, usually just because I have other stuff going on.


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A few months. Someone linked me to the Slaton Sisters thread and after that I lurked around the site for a while.

Eventually I just registered because I was spending more and more time here.

15-16 months, I think? I started lurking right around the time the Blarms Saga began. The catalyst for my registration was my discovery and subsequent posting of Phil's Artician account, and I've been commenting ever since.

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I registered back in the days of the CWCkiforums just to see attachments, then lurked for 2 years before posting.

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I'm not sure, honestly. Probably a month-ish. I was perusing the CWCki on and off for a few months to kill time at work, just to get any updates on Chris. That slowly bled into lurking the CWCki. By the time I decided to make an account, the switch was being made to Kiwi Farms, so I decided to wait until that was done. I ended up buying supporter status shortly after that.

It's been one hell of a ride, so far.


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4 years got bored when the pandemic shut everything down so that's when I finally signed up.

albert chan

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Lurked on the screenshots of the Happenings thread when Null cursed out New Zealanders’ government officials for not removing Tarrant’s Facebook video of his mosque shooting.

Almost two and a half years ago, too.

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Around late 2018 was when I first started visiting this site from time to time to see some discussion about certain lolcows that I heard about just browsing the Internet that I wasn't finding anywhere else (Mostly DSP and Chris Chan).

But aside from lurking and laughing at other people's comments, I never got around to making an account because life and other things always took up too much time.

It wasn't until last year through a tough period of quarantine that I was bored out of my fucking mind and couldn't do much else apart from use some other types of social media to talk to people, I just had to put my mind at rest and look at other things to do, otherwise I was going to go a bit crazy.

Then I remember the farms existed, and well, it all started from there.

Gaia Soraka
I was really into Yandere Simulator as an edgy tween, and someone told me that Yandere Dev was actually a total creep. I looked him up and found his KF thread. Lurked on the thread for a few years on and off. Finally made an account during quarantine.

Hmm, prolly a couple months tbh. I meant to register one earlier but I came in around the time that the registering embargo was on because Reddit banned a bunch subs that I liked.

Honestly, I probably should've registered earlier considering I actually like how this place does drama posts. No bs. Just all of the shit laid out there.