How long did you lurk on before you registered an account? -

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7-8? years I'd say.
Actually, I'd say 6-7 years. I remember the night CWC's house was ablaze (Jan 2014) and I also remember being present for Deagle Nation's final livestream in Feb 2015.
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One decade. Known about CWC since 2007/2008, then came across the CWCki, saw Deagle Nation's autistic car crash ride to John Walker Flynt/Brianna Wu's place, and the spergout comparison of Wu to the "SS HITLER" rant. What fun times.
I've been lurking for a while. I'd say since 2017/2018? Anyways, the reason is similar to yours. I use this website to keep up with internet related drama, so I figured that I'd just make an account and occasionally comment on interesting shit.

Shit, I didn't realize that this thread was so old.

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Not sure. I read for a good while, but the enable to enable my account didn't get through for a while.

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Started lowkey lurking in 2019 after encountering a lolcow irl, began returning more and more frequently since last December. Would have lurked longer, but for whatever reason something clicked in my head recently that prompted me to make an account.

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Around 2018-2019 this was before I started getting into Christory and learning how much of a salty faggot Enyclopedoa Dramatica is from here.


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From the end of 2015 to the start of 2020, 4 years. And it was so I could sperg about covid, but now I just bully people instead :,(

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Always been curious about Chris and various other similar online car crashes, but somehow didn't find the farms until 2016, due to the rcdarts thread. I lurked for about a year, trying to find as many threads about people I recognised, before biting the bullet and making an account. Even then, was pretty much just a lurker for years.


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A week or so, for the last months I have been binge watching moon man's streams, after I reached the most recent ones I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Although i already knew the site existed since the Chris Chan early days.


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Less than two weeks or so. A friend discovered it one evening and mentioned it several times in conversation, citing the 'cows' and megathreads on other social retards. Decided to check it out, and discovered that KF reminded me of the old style BBS I used to go on, but which seem to have been eradicated over time due to Reddit and other fag sites.

I liked it immediately.