How many people from your high school days have trooned out/became 'non-binary'?


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Mar 21, 2017
One that I know of; girl, kind of awkward, masculine physiognomy. She was not a histrionic or unpleasant person, I think she was probably just uncomfortable with herself and got caught up in the trend. Of course there are others that I would be entirely unsurprised by, but I haven't really checked up on any of them in several years.

As I recall queer shit was still quite obscure at the time of my hs graduation, but I live in a reasonably conservative area. I suspect anyone that graduated within the last ~3 years probably have way more stories.

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Jul 11, 2020
I only keep in touch with a handful of people I knew in HS. Most are married and just started to have kids. None are troons. In fact, I mentioned trannies to one of these HS friends, and he said "what the fuck is that?"

From college, I know of at least one. And a friend from art class dumped her longtime, currently-in-medschool boyfriend, in favour an MTF who looks and acts like a cross between Vince Neill and classic Jessi Slaughter.

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Aug 8, 2021
From college, I know of at least one. And a friend from art class dumped her longtime, currently-in-medschool boyfriend, in favour an MTF who looks and acts like a cross between Vince Neill and classic Jessi Slaughter.
Imagine being the med school boyfriend. But then again it seems like a good outcome for him. She seems unstable.

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Sep 27, 2019
I graduated in 2003 and have only kept in touch with two people from those days. One guy was always pretty conservative and still is, while the other is like me, a former liberal who got really disgusted with where things are going. Neither one has trooned out or fallen into the degenerate identities

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Jun 2, 2013
My generation is probably prime for this sort of thing since people are about to turn a third decade, although I feel it was only right after we graduated LGBTumblr ideas started gaining traction. Most of my peers from then have gotten married or if they're queer are life partnered. If there are people from my high school like that, I've definitely lost touch with them.

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Apr 6, 2020
None that I'm aware of. Considering the fact this kind of faggotry isn't mainstream in my region yet, and that my whole class sans for the few people I still keep in touch with were turbonormies, I can confidently say none at all.


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Sep 9, 2021
I don't have social media or really keep in touch with people from Hs so I don't know.
back in my day, we would hold bets on who would be the first to become a alcoholic, homeless or straight up kill themselves. now, people have beats on who is gonna cut their dicks out?

what happen to our world man?
It's the same thing whose life is gonna be ruined and find a way to cope with it before killing themselves.

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Dec 2, 2020

He had some mental health issues in school but overall seemed pretty normal if not a little impressionable, then about a month after his daughter was born decided to troon out.

I pray for that kid but realistically they don't stand a chance.

On the bright side, seeing that shit finally convinced me to delete all social media


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Sep 7, 2020
2 that I know of. One was a gay guy who now thinks he's a woman. And the other is a guy who now thinks he's nonbinary (or a transwoman? idk).


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Feb 24, 2019
Who knows. Most of em from what I've heard are either junkies, dead or in prison. Only a few went to some liberal shithole to study and a half a handful became cops lol

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Sep 9, 2021
Only one that I know of. An old sort-of-friend, who I wasn't too close with but who always seemed to crop up at parties in our social circle, came out as using "she/her" pronouns the other day. In some ways he's exactly the sort of guy you might expect to troon out. Very nerdy, probably undiagnosed autistic, has emotional problems, was bullied, PC gamer, anime watcher, MTG player, all the usual business. But on the other hand I never really expected it. He doesn't look or present as female AT ALL.

But now, looking back, I see the signs. I remembered a time way back in 2015 we were out for drinks with him and he said something about how he "used to want to be a girl when he was younger", and everyone laughed at him and thought he was joking. And he's been growing his hair out stupidly long for the past year. Absolutely cannot take him seriously in any way, still. The idea of looking at this guy and saying "she" would be absurd. Really putting the "clown" in clown world.

I don't know how I would handle it if more people I knew trooned out. The one guy is weird enough. If several more went down the Looney Troon path I might lose my mind from the absurdity of it all. Meeting trans people when they're already trans is fine because, as ridiculous as they often are, you go into the encounter knowing of said ridiculousness and knowing that they're not playing by the normal gender rules. But seeing someone who you always knew as male/female, who always presented as that gender, who never openly vocalised any gender confusion, suddenly turn around and say "hey I'm trans" is mind-boggling. Calling someone "she" who you have always known as nothing but he, or vice-versa, just feels very tangibly wrong on some level.

By "wrong" I don't even mean that it's degenerate, but that it simply feels like a warping of reality. It feels like they're cosplaying as the other gender but somehow insisting that it's actually real. And, when other friends are corroborating that and agreeing that "yep they're a girl now", you get that sinking feeling like you're not in the same reality you thought you were a few short years ago.

Feb 2, 2021
literally none- #based rough school.

maybe it would be pertinent to say when you graduated.. i left school in 05- but at 16 y/o cos we don’t stay in high school til 18 here.
i’m willing to bet some posting the higher numbers are a lot younger.

lmao once i had a dream that my mums husband trooned out, and it felt like such a betrayal.
he is like 6’5 and all he did (in the dream) was shove a wig and a dress on. I was like, you can’t humiliate her like this, wtf.
The fact that this is some people’s reality is really sad, it felt like i said, a betrayal and kind of a bereavement.
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