How much room does Joshua have to talk about Kay's Cooking? -


Now that he threw his hat into the ring with his "vegetable soup with balls and buttery rice" isolation dish, we owe it to Kay and her big strong Aryan son to stand up and demand fair treatment.


If you came here searching for "Kay's Cooking racist," here you go. Kay is raising her big man to be a mighty Anglo Avenger and kick out the fucking towelheads to reclaim rightful British clay. (I am not sure if this is real, but I hope it is)

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Here we have Joshua's vegetable soup base. I will give him credit here, he has constructed what looks like a good mirepoix. I'm sure it smells nice. Although we may have to give him an "excessive liquids" penalty, as was pointed out in his YT chat.

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Here's where things get a little weird. If not for the sear marks on the pan in the top left, I would say that he's just dumping raw meatballs into his mirepoix to boil. If he did try to sear them, he clearly underdid it. He also either drained the oil he used for this step, or did not use any. I did some googling, and every example I can find uses oil to sear the meatballs. You definitely don't cook them in their own fat like bacon. The oil also allows you to infuse the meatballs with extra flavors, if necessary. Heat up some sliced garlic and parsley with the oil, and then the infused oil with add the flavor to the balls.

Edit: Josh says he intentionally poached them. I admit I didn't know that was a thing. I always sear mine, and then add them to the sauce. I found an article talking about the advantages of each method, and they say that it preserves their tenderness. I dunno if I would want tender meatballs with tender rice and tender vegetables, I would want some textural contrast.

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Meat looks to be turning a soggy brown. Rice at least looks good.

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I imagine it probably tastes ok, but I have to dock massive points for presentation. That looks like something a goat threw up. I'm not even sure whether it's supposed to be a soup, or if he just scooped out a bunch of stuff from his pot and put it in a bowl. It really lacks any color, it's just pale orange surrounded by shades of brown and beige. Not appetizing!

What do you think, should we nuke Serbia as punishment?
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Had similar dishes before, looks like shit yes, but tastes fine. And buttery rice, that shit is cash. Even just rice with a glob of butter in it, is better than what Kay at her best can make.

Because she would probably burn the rice and add margerine, cunt.
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Looks perfectly fine to me. It's nothing fancy, but it looks like it was done right.

What kind of stock and seasoning was used, though?


What kind of stock and seasoning was used, though?
Vegetable stock. The meat had oregano, salt, pepper in it. I didn't fry them because I didn't have eggs. If I did I would have used some s


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Vegetable stock. The meat had oregano, salt, pepper in it. I didn't fry them because I didn't have eggs. If I did I would have used some s
Invest in some bouquet garni teabags and dried bay leaves bro.
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When did this cooking stream happen? I'm a culinarian so I wanna judge nulls cooking.

EDIT: Null needs to work on his knife skills and garnish. A bit of fresh cilantro on top and nicer cuts would do so much for that soup
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as a foodfag, i have a few things to add here. Josh has created a dish where he has essentially boiled everything. not awful, but some easy room for improvement.

suggestions: heat some oil in your pot, add carrots and potatoes first, later followed by the celery as these are the most firm and require more cooking time- continue to sear for a couple minutes.

add onion, cook for a minute, later followed by (can't tell if it is added from the picture) some minced garlic. cook until the garlic becomes aromatic.

deglaze with your stock and/or some white wine or dry sherry, and scrape the fondt off the bottom of the pot. let it reduce till it's thicker then salt & pepper (add whatever herbs here) to taste.

make smaller meatballs and sear them briefly in neutral oil over a high heat, then add to the pot. continue to cook until meat is heated the way through. rice looks fine. love me some buttered rice. also preferably don't eat out of plastic containers, as it holds onto the flavors of what it was used for previously. glass, porcelain, and ceramic work best.
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