How much stuff did you get as a kid? -


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Well shit. I'd been going through life completely unaware I had a deprived childhood until I read this thread.
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That feel when as a child you had a grand piano in the living room and for some reason you were the only one who knew how to play it even though the fucking thing was there before I was born. I honestly think my Dad bought it because he assumed that's what rich people were supposed to have in their houses since he came from the poor buttfuck middle of nowhere south. At one time I had an option between that, a air hockey table in a different room, various video games, a home computer with internet(Albeit early 90s), a rock wall outside, a swing set, a trampoline, several bicycles, all sorts of toys, action figures, etc and a plethora of other things to entertain myself with. Yep, being white is awesome.

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My brother and I grew up in a middle class household. When I was real young my mom would buy my brother and I toys on a fairly regular basis. I had He-Man and TMNT action figures and my brother had his Hot Wheels and whatever else he liked. I remember getting a NES for Christmas and that was pretty cool. Years later we were given a SNES when they first launched around the holidays. After that I don't remember much else. I learned early on to earn money and save for what I wanted. Both of my parents are pretty smart when it comes to saving money. My dad didn't have much growing up and is more frugal than my mom when it comes to most things.

Both my parents grew up in poverty, so for my siblings and myself they wanted to give us the middle class experience. When we were younger we got toys and videos and all sorts of stuff. When I was around 7 my parents realized how spoiled this would eventually make us, so as we figured out santa wasnt real we got switched to the allowance system, we got $5 a week for doing all of our chores, usually 1-2 different ones a day, and we had to buy all our own toys and games. Parents would still occasionally buy the expensive stuff like consoles, but only for christmas and only 1 a year.

I ended up with an xbox, PS2, gamecube, PC, GBA, and DS. Of course the devils in the details, the PS2 was bought cheap from a neighbor, the xbox was bought in 2006 when the 360 was already out, the gamecube and GBA came from a family member as a gift coming home from hospital (long story). The only thing bought full price was the DS, and even then that was to smooth over the divorce announcement and the fact we were going to spend a lot more time in the car now. I bought all the games with allowance, never owned a new game until I was an adult.

As an adult I'm finding out just how totally broke we were. lower-middle class my ass. Parents did an amazing job of hiding it, and that allowance system I credit to fiscal responsibility today.
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Middle working class.

I've always been financially conscious to the point I wouldn't even ask for mom to bring home a specific food from the grocery store, even if it was cheap. I am still like this as an adult. I asked for less so my siblings could have more (I'm oldest). However, if I asked for something, I usually got it, because I never asked for anything and what I wanted was always simple and easily attainable. I did get a DS and PS3 growing up. I still have them. I got a qwerty cell phone at 13 which I took great care of and had until it finally gave out in 9th grade. I have a really great track record with electronics.