how much weight I've gained....8/27/2019 -

You know, she might really be anemic. I've suspected for a while that she's Vitamin C deficient, and that can inhibit iron absorption.

Amber said:
she also told me because like my sleep has been horrendous she wants me to start like taking melatonin and such and she said that a lot of her patients actually take melatonin and they take a lot like ten milligrams
Or maybe try practicing good sleep hygiene? No, god forbid she change her behavior, just chow down on some pills instead!

Pizza Munch
For most people a 30-40 lb weight gain would be so drastically obvious. Imagine being so gd large that people speculate if you've gained 30-40 lbs (a whole five year old) or not... :(

I remember her getting this way when she was approaching 500 lbs like "I'm don't weigh that much u guiiize and I never will!!!" Homegirl is missing the point that if you're 570 lbs you might as well be 600

She wears clothes with maximimum stretchineness, for obvious reasons. so, the fact that she's wearing the same puke green shirt means nothing. you can SEE the massive gains.

edit: oh my god, You know what horrifying? In the original picture from Jan 2019 you can't really tell, but it's clear from the (alleged) "newer" pic that the green top is actually a bodycon midi dress that's supposed to look like this on a normal human that is plus-sized:

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Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
Ahahahahahah at 7:00 when she (I'm pretty sure deliberately?) shows off her mega giant shelf butt and makes that dainty wistful expression... I am shooketh... Gorl, STAHP, even the feeders can't take this anymore! :cryblood:


*Cue "what is that? What the fuck is that?" sound clip*

She's seriously going to pull this shit. A side by side claiming she's only gained 5 net pounds since January when THIS fucking pic hit the internet yesterday?

View attachment 908990
She didn't say the date on when her new "comparison" was filmed, so for all we know it was the same damn day.

I wanna know how big the tantrum/binge was when she realised Eric uploaded that. I’ll bet money that many McDonald’s were eaten that day.
She's sad. Maybe we get a mirror shopping vlog after this.

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