how much weight I've gained....8/27/2019 -


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I dont like to dog on other peoples looks because Im not great looking but for some reason what bothers me the most about her, especially since she uses exclusively close up head shots--is her cheeks.

She has some abnormally wide/fat cheekbones and its the only thing keeping her from a perfectly spherical moonface and it bothers me.
That's not bone, booboo... Those are pouches of fat being stored on her cheeks. She could lose 450lb and still not have visible cheekbones, and if you look at her old vids she had a more oval face with less cheek protrusion at lower weights.


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Oval? lmaoooo

Her face was never oval. It was always round but it was still uneven and weird even when she was a 350-pound skinny legend. She has a fucked up uneven facial structure exactly like her mother's.