How much will right wing culture become the counter culture?

Apr 6, 2021
In the 60s liberalism and left wing culture became a massive counter culture movement that included things such as the sexual revolution and anti-war sentiment. Similar things happened in the prior decades such as youths rebelling against parents in the 50s. It seems that what ever the dominant mainstream zeitgeist is causes a rebellion in those it oppresses or challenges. Children rebelled against parents in the 50s because of how much parents controlled their children's lives and the overall "seen not heard" attitude towards teenagers. Hippies rebelled against society's attitude towards sex, war, and other issues.

Right now we are seeing far left attitudes infesting every aspect of society. Its vastly more controlling and oppressive then previous cultures. What hippies had to contend with in the 60s is nothing compared with what a normal person has to deal with against SJWs and liberals today. People are being forced to accept shit like transgender children, policing of speech and thought, cancel culture, and retaliation for holding certain political beliefs.

Given the degeneracy and fascist attitude of the modern left and its stranglehold on society, do you think a right wing counter culture revolution will occur such as what happened in prior generations? As young people of this generation begin to be oppressed and controlled, do you think they will rebel?

I personally already see a rebellion brewing. People are fed up with this shit and you can see it in the election of Trump, support for Dave Chappelle's freedom of speech, and the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal among other things. How far do you think it will go? I think we are experiencing two different revolutions occuring at the same time, the left wing "counter culture" like BLM riots and the right wing counter culture. This battle for control of culture is bound to end badly for both sides.



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Mar 29, 2014
As long as it's Clown World in Current Year, "conservatism" will likely remain as real resistance - despite the woke cult claiming they're "the resistance".

Seems every time the right tries something it turns into a honey pot.
Clown World politics seems to be a circus on both sides of the aisle.

Apr 26, 2021
It won't, because right wing authoritarianism requires people to be willing to submit to authority and American right wing opposition is libertarian (read: individualistic to a fault)

it will not become a real countercultural force because everyone who wants a share of the pie when the day of the rope comes (most right wingers, who are lolberts) delude themselves re: the reality of auth right control being just as centralized as auth left

just have children and raise them right


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Jul 28, 2019
Subscribing to liberal ideas renders you as a genetic dead end so the pendulum will eventually shift towards more genocentric world view. How the big institutions have tied status around signalling how masochistic you are, ensures that high status individuals don't breed efficiently enough to compete against dummies.

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Jun 3, 2016
This is why whites and blacks won't ever have harmony. First it was blacks/ libs part of the counter culture and everyone felt sorry for them. Now, the tide is starting to shift again and people are longing for the common sense of whites/ conservatives. People will soon feel sorry for conservatives and whites, then libs/ black will be chastised until they become the counter culture leading to dominance again. The whole thing is dumb. It's like an insane thermostat involving illegals, welfare, and racism.


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Apr 28, 2019
I can’t quote OP for some reason, but @TroonsDid911 said “What hippies had to contend with in the 60s is nothing compared with what a normal person has to deal with against SJWs and liberals today.”

I mean, there was the draft and a war you were sent it regardless of how you felt about it. I agree with most other things you have said though.


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Nov 8, 2021
Not at all. "Right wing" is not, like "left wing", a coherent set of ideas, where being "center left" means embracing them in the spirit of democratic reformism and "far left" means embracing them through revolutionary means. "Right wing" is just a bucket of ideologies that are not compatible with the left, or with each other - liberal conservatives, libertarian, fascists, nationalists, Christian Zionists, paleoconservatives, neo-cons, technology skeptics, and neo-liberals cannot possibly sit down at the same table and agree on the overall direction the movement should take. As a result, the right can always only win temporarily when the left fucks up too much and disturbs the serene life of the apolitical masses, who end up focusing on whoever can present himself as an alternative: Reagan the actor after Carter messed with gas prices, Trump the reality tv star after Obama failed the recovery. It's only at that point that the right tries to maintain its consensus by proposing a middle ground between its unstable constituent groups: the fusionism of Reagan that tried to get libertarians and religious conservatives under the same roof, or the American Greatness program that tried to get moderate nationalists and Christian conservatives together. But a program of "compromise or the other side will win" never wins against a group with actually coherent ideas and an established intellectual base, no matter what ideas they are or how well they work empirically.

As a result, you can't have a right wing counterculture. People who define themselves as right wing (myself included) are just as often as odds with other right wingers on basic assumptions, and therefore can't make consistent demands. It's, ironically, a culture of critique that can write Moldbuggian essays and textbooks on the failure of progressive democracy, but can never build anything solid themselves. You can have islands of right-wingers, aggregated around a journal, a website, or an institution, but not a coherent counterculture.


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Aug 13, 2016
Up until they become the mainstream culture and start cancelling people like the progressive left does... who in turn had to deal with it from the religious right... it's all cyclical really.

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Mar 27, 2019
Your first mistake is thinking that "leftism" and "rightism" are equivalent ranges of ideology, such that there could ever be a right-wing counterculture-- much less in the same way there was a left-wing counterculture.

The only solution, here, is "go to church".