How the fuck do Asian Americans raise their kids so well? -

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They've got all these extra curriculars, super strict parenting, and generally get really great grades yet don't have disproportionately high levels of suicide nor mental illness at all, really. How do they do it? Especially when places like China and Japan have tons of suicide related to school stress? Is it because the strict parenting style + a less strict schooling system is super effective whereas as a strict parenting style + a strict school system is overwhelming?

What's the key to getting this kind of balance in society overall?

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The high suicide rates in Japan are from the overall stress of life in general, not just school. When they get out of school, they have to find a good job which are usually extremely competitive and over-work themselves every day because that's just the culture there (it's rude to even leave work until every else is going, and you're expected to work during the waiting period because it's just rude to not work). It's a really stressful and dehumanizing culture that expects you to be a robot.
This mostly works out because asians have a very strong philosophy of discipline and tradition, they're collectivist and appreciate working for their greater society and walking in the shoes of their ancestors. While it balances out in Japan, in America, where you're instead expected to not be disciplined and actively reject tradition, they have no expectations from society and have no reason to remove themselves from it. Of course, as it's been said, Japanese parents still instill their values into their children, instead of doing things the american way and giving their kids to an iParent.

Asian Americans have lower level of stress because they don't have to compete with so many Asians.

Imagine an average Lee at school in Shanghai surrounded with all those other competitive Asians. Hardcore as fuck.
Now imagine what would happen if Lee lived in the US. Who's gonna be a competition for him? Connor is too busy preparing a school shooting, and Tyrone is too involved in his gang. It's smooth, stress-free sailing for Lee until he meets other Asians in college, and even then there will be less Asians there than in, say, Asia.