How to become self-employed without computer, talents and completely broke and without breaking the law too much - Lmao asking internet life advice

Jul 2, 2021
Nope. No license either.

Someone on another site suggested writing. I've done that before a bit that's all been smut I can't post here.
Or, you could earn enough money so you've got funding to become self employed. You pretty much need at the minimum a computer or a vehicle, if not both. Even writing you'd need a computer or at least something better than a phone. Take the time while you're earning that money working to form a solid plan about a business or self employment you'd like to create. Learn the skills needed and acquire any necessary tools. Learn the market for your business, who your customers will be, how you'll bring in revenue, what kind of expenses you'll have, both in money and time. Shit like that.

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Jul 1, 2021
Do what the guys who made bumfights did. All you need is 500 bucks, a good camera, and some bums to pay to do stupid shit. After that you will be rolling in money/lawsuits.