How to convince someone out of trooning out?

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Aug 8, 2020
At its core, this is an issue of someone not being happy with the body they are born with. Treat it like you would a friend considering breast implants or something like that. Because most of the same arguments apply.
Obviously, berating them for considering it isn't going to make them change their minds. Calling them mentally ill isn't going to change their minds. Making them feel bad about themselves isn't going to change their minds. A girl who feels insecure about her small breasts isn't going to respond well to criticism just as a person who's insecure about the sex they were born as. What I'm getting at is that this is less an issue of convincing them to not modify their body and more an issue of getting them to accept the body they have.
A girl who wants a boob job generally thinks she'd be happier with larger boobs. The response is not to waste time on the logistics and negative effects of a boob job, but to address the underlying issues that made her so insecure in the first place.
A guy who wants to troon out generally thinks they'd be happier as a woman. While it may be tempting to go over how much that transition can utterly fuck them up, a better route to go is addressing what it is that makes him feel that way. Be a bit indirect because a direct approach will just lead them to shut out any discussion with "it's totally genetic; it's science, bro." Try to figure out why he doesn't feel fit to me a man without directly asking him. Then you address those concerns in isolation while avoiding any discussion of the transition itself.

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Jan 17, 2018
Suggest therapy before they take any big steps, and then if possible see if you can suggest one that won't just cater to his delusions but instead reckon with them. I had a friend who was experiencing gender dysphoria, and he found a therapist who helped him resolve it without any form of medical intervention.

But it's all a long shot, because them trooning out is the same as losing a friend to a cult. Worse, even, because you're allowed to not like other cults.

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Feb 3, 2013
They're a 18-year-old gay male, but they're also shut-in weeb
Has he ever had a boyfriend, gone out to gay clubs, or anything like that? You might want to suggest that he doesn't give up on being a gay man till he's actually given it a chance.

trooning out is the same as losing a friend to a cult
That's another question. Is there a social circle love-bombing him into this that you have to contend with? If he's already got a circle of enablers you're simply going to be outnumbered.


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Feb 29, 2020
To be honest the best way (it worked for me) is to show them the realities of the situation, not the cleaned up SJW narrative.

Go onto /r/detrans on reddit there is a lot of people on there who regretted transitioning, It's not that I deny that Trans people exist, just I imagine a large number of people are manipulated into thinking they trans when in reality there is some other issue.

If you want to go nuclear show him some photos/ reports of neo-vaginas and get him to wonder if he really thinks that will improve his life

As others have said some more militant trans activists are basically like a cult, I have had to no-contact several of them in my life and even moved to another town (which made it easier)

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Oct 5, 2018
After you get that, use that knowledge and the "socratic method" to have them draw a similar conclusion to you about transitioning, about how it'll fuck them up in the long run (Because it will). At that point they'll either accept the conclusion, and stop that shit, or they'll reject the conclusion, with the catch being they have to have it sit around in the back of their head. If they're not an utter retard, it'll be the seed of doubt in their mind that will build up to them detransitioning, going insane, and/or 41'ing themself.
On the one hand, you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into. On the other hand, a weeby shut-in probably would reason that they were actually trans, because they live in an echo chamber and don't hear evidence or arguments from the other side.

OP should probably tell this guy he's cute and it would be a real disappointment if he became a woman. Appeal to his vanity.


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Mar 21, 2019
Find em a better outlet to get (sexually?) validated. Trooning is seen by their Id as an easy road to intimacy and self-worth on assumption it's tied to gender one is trooning into. While these things are indeed implicitly present with each gender identity, most troons are deluded when it comes to viability of switching the lane, doubling down, and going full Don Quixote with their delusion.

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Feb 3, 2013
Find em a better outlet to get (sexually?) validated.
I think the issue here is going to be peeling him away from whatever source of validation is encouraging this in the first place.

Depending on how rational he is, it might even be a good idea to point out that internet validation is inherently fleeting. Once his "egg" is hatched and he's gone through his stunning and brave transition, it'll be on to the next one for the love-bombers. After that, he'll have to farm likes on his uwu selfies from other dead-ender troons.

You might also ask what his long-term plan is - does he want a family of some sort? If he does, just tell him to take a look around for role models. Is La Zorra his idea of domestic bliss? Or in general, what troon is living the life that he wants to live?


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Feb 2, 2019
I've actually managed to do this once.

The only thing I did was pierce the illusion that nobody tells you about.

"People are cheering for you now, but they'll get bored about it in a month or two".


"The suicide rate for post op transexuals is much higher than pre-op. A good number regret it and can't go back."

The guy got really angry with me and I said I was hurt that he thought I would say it for any other reason thanthat I cared about him and that he should do what he wants, but I hoped he wouldn't just for his own sake.

A month later he went back on his plans to transition.

Of course this was a friend and I knew how to talk to him (and why he was really doing it). You can't save everyone, either.

But there is in the mainstream a bombardment of info about why it's so great to transition. And you get treated with extra respect and reverence in certain circles, including on tv. So just piercing the illusions and saying what things are like is doing god's work when it comes to transitioning.

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Apr 19, 2016
Point out that women defy gender norms all the time and that it should be okay for him to be a man who enjoys girly things. Then point out that titty skittles come with adverse health effects and SRS is a risky procedure. If it goes wrong, the patient can be left in chronic pain for the rest of their life.

Here's a woman wearing male attire taking part in a traditionally male activity:
She probably never questioned her womanhood.

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Feb 3, 2013
"People are cheering for you now, but they'll get bored about it in a month or two".
Exactly. Remember that silly quote from Trans Lifeline where they talked about people "calling to share their gender euphoria"? Read between the lines: after the internet cheering section gets bored, troons get so lonely they consider suicide lines a form of socialization.

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Feb 21, 2018
Bumping so I don't have to make another identical thread.

How do you convince someone not to troon out?

Some random guy on some forum said he considered trasitioning, so I tried to convince him not to do it, but first there were 2 other people who meddled with my comments by calling me a transphobe just to try and villainise me and that seemed to have worked because the dude I tried to convince not to transition is now asking around how he can report my comments.

I also included links to reliable medical sites that discussed the issue and all of that got dismissed probably.

Knowing is half the battle and that'd probably change things for the better. I don't want to see people transition because they were told that they had dysphoria on Discord or some shit like that.

Because I can't write long paragraphs on my own I just stole comments I found here and 1 copypasta on 4chan.

I'd have posted that in Q&A, but I know the discussion would have gone 2 pages at most and died down giving me no useful information.

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May 1, 2021
Further confuse them. Inform them about autogynephilia, other approaches to gender/body dysphoria, personality disorders, OCD, munchausens or whatever else you can make up. Someone who is trooning out is unstable in their foundations as a person and you could shake it up pretty easily without coming across as bigoted, even appearing woke if you approach it right. It won't fix them but it might delay or stop the trooning.


Jun 22, 2017
tell them not to cut off or make a dick out of their diced off parts, they don't work with current technology.

... no wait, mtf post-op asian porn is kinda popular.

Feb 6, 2021
Tell them that just because they aren't a muscular chad or a Feminine Nelly doesn't mean they have to cut their dicks or tits off. I believe a lot of these troons come from the idea that they're not "this way" enough, therefore you must remove that propaganda from their heads before they ruin their bodies


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Jul 14, 2020
Rub his face in his mess and smack him lightly in the nose with a rolled up newspaper and firmly say "NO"

If that doesn't work, put him in the crate for the night until he calms down.

Oh wait, he's trooning out, I got it in my head he was going furry.

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Apr 20, 2022
With all seriousness, you got to understand why they want to transition and what's going through their head. If you don't tackle this from the root, you will not do any impact.

It's not like someone just up and cuts off pp I a womb man nao cuz muh artisum. They're human beings with serious issues that probably struggled with this for longer than you'd care.

Like if you really want to stop a troon. Get to know one. Really get to know one and see what it was that broke them. Be a real friend. And be there for him/her.